Friday, August 10, 2012

YOU Just Got the Gold!

More accurately, you just awarded the gold to Obama!

And how did you and he become such champions?

98% v. 24%   -    that's how.  And what a win-in-a-walk that is!

The 98% is the percentage of Obama's contributions last month that were $250 or less. The 24% is the percentage of Romney's fund-raising that came from $250 or less. (This disparity holds even excluding super pac money!)

We small donors who support Obama outnumber Romney's by almost a 4 to l ratio.  I love it!

More than anything else this shows how Obama is the champion of "the little guy".  And we little guys know it!

It also shows that Obama has some volunteer troops out there while Romney may not have as many. This being America, people tend to follow their own money.  Where they have "some skin in the game", that's where their heart is.  She who plunks down her $10 or $100 contribution is likely to plunk down her feet on the precinct sidewalks on election day and ferret out those Obama voters who haven't yet voted.

That's where this election will be won or lost.  It's ALL about voter turnout this time.  In 2008 Obama had such a big edge, voter turnout wasn't as key.  Face it:  this time we don't have that margin.  We've GOT TO get our voters to the polls!

And in key states we have an uphill fight. GOP-controlled Ohio has cut down the early voting period that was a big help to Obama in '08.  GOP-controlled Florida has purged Democratic voter registrations  in massive numbers.  GOP-controlled Pennsylvania has adopted a voter ID law so bad that it will likely keep 750,000 of our Democratic voters out of action.

Unless we win a court case (argued last week) to overturn this noxious PA law, we may have to kiss Pennsylvania goodbye.  And thereby kiss the presidency goodbye too.  Obama can't win re-election without Pennsylvania.

Thus we may have to find hundreds of thousands of new voters in PA or get IDs for those who don't have the ones the state requires.  That's a lot of work and will take a lot of volunteers.

So here's the punch line:   Have you taken your vacation yet?

If not, come to Pennsylvania for a week or two of fun and games.  Help register voters and help get out the vote.  Campaigns ARE fun.  And the fight to win this year's election is the greatest game of all!

Or go to Ohio or Virginia or Colorado.  These are three more swing states that will determine the outcome, and each is hanging by a thread.  Plus the Senate seat in VA, one we now have but could lose to GOP George Allen.  Remember him  -  the "caca" man, the potty-mouthed racist of 2006?  We beat him in 2006 by a whisker, but now he's back!  If we get a good turnout for Obama in VA,  we put "Caca" Allen away again!

(I don't know if I'm spelling "caca" correctly or not.  Guess I'll have to ask a three-year-old kid.)

Or send money.  The dollars can pay for the Obama HQ on that Main Street in that town in PA or VA or Ohio.  The Obama sign on that HQ will attract that local volunteer who can do the work you can't do because you're not there.  Maybe you're already working in your own town in a relatively safe state for Obama.  Or maybe you're an ex-pat.  Lots of you ex-pats are reading this blog.  Wherever you are, GET IN THE GAME!

Meantime, here in Pennsylvania, please come help!  Day or night.

We'll keep the light on for you.

Attention, Mitt Romney! Calling Mr. Romney! Where are those tax records, Mr. Romney?  


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