Monday, January 1, 2018

Alabama Is Still the Biggest Political News We May Ever Get. (Part One.)

[In December I promised a series of comments on the Alabama special election for the vacant Senate seat that had been held by Republican Jeff Sessions. On election night, Doug Jones, the Democrat, won the seat. And the import of that victory and the details of its achievement are among the most important political news we shall ever encounter. This story was of such magnitude and (hopefully) lasting importance, that the 2016 electoral college fluke for Trump was by comparison a nothing. Here's the first comment about that momentous night in December in Alabama. What a great way to start the New Year!]

In all my 81years I never saw what I saw on the night Doug Jones beat Roy Moore for the Senate seat from Alabama. On the TV screen black and white Alabamans were joyfully celebrating Jones' victory. They were hugging each other, laughing together, slapping each other on the back. Together, they had done this great thing!

Together. Blacks and whites. In the deep South. Sharing  — of all things!  — a political win.

It's a wonder the TV didn't blow up.

Do you understand what this could mean?  It could be the end of the vicious black/white divide that has been ruthlessly enforced by the whites in the Deep South, even with violence, since the Civil War.  And nothing has divided the blacks and white as much as has politics.

But now they had made common cause against an outrageous candidate. And against all the odds, they had beaten him. This could mean that blacks and whites would be willing to campaign together to raise Alabama from its tie position with Mississippi for the bottom of the list of the states in everything that should make life good. Maybe now Alabama could have good education, real medicine, museums, artistic achievement, a cultural life, a better income for its people.

Maybe there could be redemption from all the scars of fervid racism that has blinded and bound the South.  Maybe we could indeed all get along together, as Rodney King once said.

Good things can come from the seemingly bad. If the extremism and outrageousness of the Trump/ Moores of the world can provoke a reaction like that which occurred in Alabama, then the old saying is true: God is always busy transmuting evil into good.

I never thought I would live to see what I saw on the TV that night. As Rachel Maddow said, "It had the aura of a miracle." Miracle or not, it was truly wonderful.

And maybe it's only a beginning?

Next: How Did They Do The Impossible?

Friday, December 22, 2017

Presents! These "Gifts" Are Coming for You in a Few Weeks!

My recovery is going great but I have been forbidden sitting at the computer for a couple more weeks.  When I get a green light, here's what I'll likely be posting.

The Alabama Miracle of the End of a Racially Divided South

The Alabama Miracle and How Grassroots Can Win for Democrats and Drive Big Money Out of Politics

The Alabama Miracle and the True Awakening of Women

The Alabama Miracle and the Young People Who Will Save This Country.

The Alabama Miracle and Ha Ha on Trump
I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. Consider the above coming posts my rather tardy holiday gifts to you. We've gotten through a rough year together. And we not only made it through; we also gained a lot of important things. Now we can begin to celebrate!

Maybe the biggest miracle of all is that Scroogey Ol' Donald Trump even kicked in unwittingly with some excellent gifts that will aid us in knocking him and his minions into oblivion and having a cleansed and healthy two-party system again. I'll also be posting about these soon.

"Here comes Santa Claus..."

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Be Patient. Great Good News Coming!

Last week witnessed one of the most important and encouraging events in American history. A door slammed on three ugly aspects of our past, and other doors swung open on a better future.

Actually ten major aspects of American political life were ended, changed or newly-born in this event.

That's a lot of stuff to think about and write about. For a historian this is the gift of a lifetime. For one who helped make it happen, it is a fruition so joyous as to make me literally cry.

Yeah, I know. "There's no crying in baseball." But I'm near the end of my life, and last week's event was a wonderful going-away gift.

So be patient while I let the dust settle a bit and can go from staring in wonder at this great event to being able to describe to you what I see. I so want you too to have the joy of seeing "The Great Event" in all its golden glow.

Meantime be happy. There is much to celebrate, as this season of joy reminds us in the midst of winter's dark and cold.

Keep watching for the coming posts, my Christmas gifts to you. They may not shine in style but they will tell a heartening story. And don't fret about the attacks on Mueller or about Trump's mutterings about a pardon for Michael Flynn. All of that stuff is hog-wash.  Be of good heart and have peace of mind. Good things have arrived and more are coming.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Alabama: the Greatest Victory Changes Our Future!

Last night the stunning result in the Alabama senate election did two things. First, it marked big changes in the social landscape of our country. One example: it showed that the historic curse of separatism between blacks and whites can be overcome.

At least five other major changes also occurred, including:

.... the end of Trumpism's rule by fear,

.....the advance of the women's movement,

.....the blacks' discovery of how to harness their political power,

.....the freeing of campaigns from the grip of big money,

..... the restoration of grass-roots campaigning after 40 years of neglect.

The second major thing the Alabama victory produced was a stunning "how-to" on the nuts and bolts of running a winning campaign. Indeed, this is a playbook for the ages!

I will be writing these analyses as soon as I can, given I'm still recovering from the hip surgery.  So watch for them!

And — yes! — the recovery from surgery is going great! Nothing like a dose of Trump eating crow to bring rapid recovery to the old mama, right?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Promise of Good News

I'm still recuperating but will be posting some good news this week. Part of the good news is the latest — and really heartening! — poll numbers on Trump. For now just be glad to know that Trump has gone down again even with his hard-core groups. 

I'll also be posting a catch-up on Mueller's latest moves and what they indicate. He's now such a threat to Trump that the GOP in Congress and the far-right media are trying desperately to smear him. The GOP Congress can shrug off its duty to impeach but can't stop a criminal prosecution even if Mueller is fired. Once a prosecution has officially started, e.g. with indictments, it will proceed even without Mueller. 

Ours is indeed a system of laws and not of persons. So be of good heart. Our long nightmare will come to an end.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Recuperating Even From Trump

I had a second hip replacement operation on November 29. Two days later I left the hospital and went home. I'm 81 years old and live alone, so this might seem like a brave decision. But the hospital is jammed with sickies, some even on cots in the halls. The post-surgery nursing homes are similarly overflowing with the sick. The staff at these institutions are also sick.

I'd rather be home struggling than get sick.

But when I decided to go home I didn't know about the tsunami of illness that was about to strike the post-op facilities.

Something just told me to go home.

Sort of like with Dorothy of Oz.

I've been home a week now and seem to be doing quite well. Walking is slow and somewhat painful, really hard work.  But as I do it, I get stronger. Each day there's some improvement; some days there's a big glob of improvement.

As for Donald Trump, he is collapsing and thereby providing much encouragement to me. It's good to see one's predictions come true. You'll remember our talking about Trump's inability to grab hold of government. He thought all he had to do was want something and it would happen. That's a dictatorshp, Mr. Trump, not democracy.

You'll also remember the articles I posted that showed his pre-campaign business criminality. It is this criminality that Robert Mueller has now begun to investigate.  As was said at the time of Watergate, "Follow the money!"

As for the Russian connections and Russia's interference in our election, a very big and very ugly picture is emerging, with one of Trump's top men, Michael Flynn, having pleaded guilty to telling lies to the FBI. (This is a minor offense but tells us Mueller is holding the big offenses as a way to maintain leverage over Flynn.) A business friend of Flynn states that within minutes of Trump being sworn in, Flynn was messaging a business partner to the effect that their nuclear project could go ahead because the  new Trump administration would tear up the anti-Russian sanctions that had been blocking the project.

Flynn started out as part of Trump's new administration but lasted only 21 days.

Sort of a prototype for the Trump longevity?

I'll keep recuperating, and you keep on being well. Plus enjoy the Trump administration's slide toward oblivion. And orange jump suits.