Monday, July 16, 2018

Donald Trump Has Committed Treason

Some readers have asked me for my assessment now of the Donald Trump situation. Because of my broken arm I haven't been able to write this blog for quite a while. This pause has, however, given me the opportunty to take a longer look at Trump and his conduct.

This is my resulting conclusion at this point:

While virtually every commentator (*see footnote)  is fussed by Donald Trump's bratty behavior, ignorance and bullying, Trump's most important misconduct is being overlooked. Virtually no one dares say it but this fake president has committed treason and continues to do so. He will likely commit further treason this week in his private meeting with Russia's president Putin.

Two things this past week make this treason obvious. One is the detailed account by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller in his indictment of twelve Russian agents who attacked our election process in 2016. By supplying precise dates and other evidence Mueller has made it possible to link Trump himself, as well as his staff and associates, to the Russian attack.  We now have a clear picture of Trump "aiding and abetting" a criminal act, which is itself a crime. In this case because he was, and still is, aiding and abetting an attack upon the United States, his crime is also treason as defined in Article III of the Constitution.

The second thing that happened this past week is that Trump did not cancel his "summit meeting" with Putin nor make any demands or invoke any punishments regarding the Russian attack so convincingly described in the Mueller indictments. He refused to take the details of the attack seriously. Either he is in collusion with Russia in the matter or is so criminally and stubbornly ignorant as to be in effect liable for deliberate and willful volation of his oath of office. Quite arguably such deliberate and willful violation of the oath by a president can constitute treason. He is, after all, ignoring an attack by an obvious enemy, an attack aimed at the very heart of our democracy, i.e. our elections.

My arm will heal soon, and I can then write about this topic in more detail. And get this straight: the topic is treason, which is a capital offense. It isn't enough any longer to talk impeachment, as other commentators are doing. At this time impeachment is too vague and too partisan. Treason is a clear-cut charge and one so serious that possibly the GOP members of Congress will suddenly stop protecting Trump and start thinking about saving their own skins.

Meantime, please work on voter registration and organizing a get-out-the vote drive for November's election. We need a functioning Congress now more than ever. You have the power to get us one.

* No sooner had I finished writing the above observations than I saw this Charles Blow column in the NY Times. Blow is one of my favorite writers so it is especially reassuring that he too sees what I do: Trump is commiting treason. Trump, Treasonous Traitor.  Also, my prediction has come true today that the GOP will back off from this latest treason by Trump. Even GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan todays disavows Trump's siding with Putin against our own intelligence service findings.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

George Will Is The Saddest Man in the World, and It's Trump's Fault

You know who George Will is.

At least you know him as he used to be. The much-honored chief spokesperson of the conservatives. Winner of the Pulitzer and other awards.  Highly respected for his astute mind, insights, gift of expression. Columnist in the best newspapers in America. Frequent guest on discussion shows on MSNBC even though his politics were quite unlike those of his hosts.

Above all he was a self-assured, confident, almost cocky man. He was a man sitting on top of the world.

Not any more.

He was on MSNBC one night this past week, and he was the saddest man I ever saw. I kid you not. There was even a sheen of unshed tears in his eyes. His shoulders were bent over. His face sagged into weary lines of sorrow. This was a beaten and suffering man. For a man of words, he certainly wore his sorrow on his sleeve.

This sad spectacle is the work of Donald Trump.

It's become a cliche that anyone who works with or for Trump comes away damaged and diminished. In the case of George Will there was no propinquity. George Will never associated in any way with Trump that I'm aware of. Instead Trump just destroyed Will's world.

In his first year of campaigning and his first in the presidency, Trump took away all the ground that the conservatives once stood upon. His crass Trumpland now occupies the right of the political landscape. Its doctrines of recklessly increasing the debt, launching trade wars, breaking treaties, depriving people of their rights, attacking environmental protection, attacking our law enforcement branch of government  —  all of these defy true conservatism. The GOP has been so seduced by Trump that it has forgotten that Nixon was a fine environmentalist, in fact the best environmental president we ever had. To Nixon's credit: the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Act, Executive Order 11593 that protects historic sites. The GOP has forgotten that Ronald Reagan entered anti-nuke treaties with Russia. It has forgotten the strong Republican support for NAFTA, the Pacific trade agreement, elements of NATO. It has forgotten that in the 1960's the GOP leader in the Senate, Ev Dirksen of Illinois, fought for the Civil Rights Bills in cooperation with President Lyndon Johnson. All of this rich contribution by the GOP is gone with the wind, the destructive tornado that is Trump.

Civility is gone too. Conservatives knew how to be civil. Now Trump has reduced politics to a nasty name-calling brawl, full of threats and pseudo-tough guy talk. This brawl has come out of the mob gutters of New York and into the almost sacred halls of our Congress and the White House.

And the corruption! It mounts daily. The latest this past week was revelation of the $4.5 million that has been paid by corporations to Trump's "personal attorney" for the strange task of providing "insight" into the Trump administration.

George Will has no home any more in the political landscape. Will he and the other exiled conservatives and moderates in the GOP creat a new home for themselves? Or will they fight to take back their old party? I have no idea. Ordinarily I would say that creating a new party is virtually impossible, but the alternative is even a dimmer prospect, i.e. taking back the GOP from the Trumpies looks nearly impossible.

Well, it's not my problem. The Democrats' big problem is getting Nancy Pelosi to shut up about impeachment. Her babbling on about it may inspire the uninspired GOP ranks to turn out for the midterms and in 2020 so as to protect their poor picked-on Donald Trump.

Also the plight of the GOP is their own problem because they made all this bad stuff happen. George Will has lost his home because his party created a monster faction in order to stay in office. There is some justice in life: they may be in power now but they are in terrible, terrible trouble as a party. (More soon on how the GOP fatally wounded itself.)

Is America also in terrible trouble because of Trump? I don't think so. More on that also another time.

As for George Will he is a well-read man and surely he is familiar with the saying: "When you sup with the Devil use a long spoon."

Too bad that warning slipped his mind.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I'm Back!

My broken knee has healed and my two new hip replacements are working great. I can once again sit at the computer and write. And in a couple of weeks I will be walking without the walker, cane or whatever.  Freedom and joy!

Meantime we have lots to reflect on. Let's not spend all our time on the clown car and its driver Trump. We have seen all his tricks now, including his one today in cancelling the Iran nuke agreement. He's an ignorant and dangerous jerk. But the world and our future and the strength of our nation are each bigger than Tiny Trump. Indeed, he's so awful that he has prompted a great new wave of political activity. (More on that later.)

For now, I'm moving my books back to my office and organizing the mess that results from eleven months of life in a recliner chair.

It's wonderful to be able to work. To move about. And soon to drive!

May blessings as big as these now come into your life too.

Let's watch the Congressional primaries tonight. They sure look to be interesting.

And rejoice in the newest polling that shows only 29% approve of Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuke agreement. About one-fourth of his little base isn't in on this one.

And thanks for all your good wishes through my long year of waiting in doctors' offices!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Time Out for Surgery, Please

No, I haven't been goofing off. Just getting ready for another surgery in the next two weeks. All kinds of tests, etc. This is the third in about 7 months.

The first two were hip replacements and they have worked out great.

This third one is smaller but a bit spookier. Geting something done about an aneurism on my aorta. These last three words sound like the lead into an old-fashioned and really corny song: "She was only an aneurism on an aorta but she was all the world to me."

Keep an eye on Trump while I'm messing with the medicos. But don't let him eat your life. He is mostly a sound and (lately) a fury, signifying nothing. He wants your attention.

Say a prayer, or whatever you say, that I come through this ok. Got to finish the book I'm writing and got to get back to this blog. This is such a great year in politics!

Like those kids this weekend! Wasn't that great! They are wonderful.

So are you. And together you and 82-year-old me, and the 1500 woment who are running for offices, and those 800,000 kids are going to boot Trump and the Trumpists right over the pasture fence.

Like Michael Moore said early on, "There's more of us than there are of them."

Friday, March 23, 2018

Broken News? We Are Tired of Trump.

The Washington Post this morning just put up this banner in red at the top of the front page as Breaking News:
Trump says he is ‘considering a veto’ of $1.3 trillion spending bill approved by Congress that would have staved off a shutdown.  

Is this really news? 

It's just more of Trump's tiresome, non-stop grab for the spotlight. It's broken news. I'm not interested in what he "considers" because he doesn't really consider anything. He just shoots from the hip like a two-bit gun slinger who likes the noise of shooting. Tomorrow (or even by 3:15 this afternoon) he won't remember what he said today. 

Except he will remember that today he appointed John Bolton to lead us into war. Bolton is a hawk supremo, an old guy who thinks rattling nukes is cool. Actually he says using them is cool. But I'm not going to sweat this one either. I gave 50 years of my life to quaking in my boots about nuclear war with the Russians. How do you flee nuclear attack with six young children and only 30 minutes notice? How would I continue to get the anti-seizure medicine for my youngest child who had epilepsy? We lived right at the western edge of the USA, where all the techies were then and are now. Prime target. I even figured out where we would flee to: a Native American reservation in the rugged mountains in the far north of California. 

I have not only see this nuclear horror scary film before; I have seen Trump's entire act. So have you. He's figured out he can keep the spotlight on himself by saying outrageous things. And by firing people. "Sticks and stones may break our bones but wild talk just gets boring."  

I just hope he doesn't get wise to the fact that he is boring a lot of people. Maybe then he will switch to action: such as declaring war on North Korea. Or invading Iran for a regime change. 

If he does anything of importance, I'll check it out. Otherwise I am going back to the original focus of this blog:  the how of politics. Actually for a while Trump was useful in a political primer because he illustrated beautifully how not to do politics. Now he's just repeating himself and his mistakes. 

The only things about Trump that may be compelling are the legal issues that we glimpse relative to the Mueller investigation. Mueller keeps a tight lid on, however, so there's not much to glimpse there in terms of quantity. What has emerged, however, is quite significant as to quality, and I plan on doing a round-up this weekend of where we are now with Mueller.

The focus of this Out Front Politics blog as I now see it should be on (1) winning the fall Congressional election for Democrats and to thereby save our country, (2) winning the state legislatures' fall races for Democrats, (3) using the fall results to get rid of Trump and make sure his kind never comes back into the presidency, and (4) embracing the kind of campaign that won in Alabama in December and in PA's 18th district last week. This fall election is supremely important not only because it's a way to rid ourselves of Trump and bar his possible successors but because it gives us the opportunity to rid ourselves of politics so tarnished by big money that America is no longer a democracy.  It's a Dollar Store. A Billion Dollar Store. 

But, okay, okay! Yes, I will harpoon Moby Trump if an exceptionately incredible thing happens. Or if he actually does something. (Now I'm thinking I may write a review on how he actually did nothing of any consequence accept divide some weeping families. And a posting on the great good he unintentionally has done for the Democratic progressives. That will be a bit of a surprise, right?)

Meantime, let's believe that somehow the military has provided against Trump starting any nuclear attacks. They did with Nixon, but I'll explain that another time. Right now it's worth noting sadly that there are fewer military guys around Trump than before. Today a screaming and demented hawk replaced one of the generals I was counting on to keep Trump away from the launch codes.

Goodbye, General McMasters. I am really, really, really sorry to see you leave as Director of National Security. Any chance you could hide the nuclear launch codes on your way out?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Misspellings in Trump White House Tell Us a Lot.

Typos, spelling mistakes are common in Trump’s White House  nyt 3-22-18

You wanna laugh? Or cry?

The evil that men do lives on after them. So does their wretched disregard for our language a la Trump.

Their written mistakes speak volumes, saying:

1. The current White House and its boss Trump have no respect for the public to whom the documents are addressed.

2. Trump et al are poorly educated.

3. They don't give a damn about what they are talking about,

4. They don't respect the written word. Such as in contracts. Or in the laws. They feel free to flaunt.

Boy, are they flaunters!

Well, honey, let's flaunt too. Let's flaunt our anti-GOP, anti-Trump votes in November. Let's throw   out the Trump-enabling Congress. That's O-U-T and out goes GOP!