Saturday, August 4, 2012

Romney Wants YOU to Buy Him Another Horse!

You want to buy Mitt Romney another dressage horse? Only $77,000!

Here's the deal. Under his tax plan, Mitt Romney wants to collect $2000 from each of you.

He will keep at least $87,000 for himself, get another horse, and have $10K left for feed. And he will give every average millionaire $87,000 of your money. That's $87,000 of YOUR money going to each of those who already earn a million a year, the ones among us who DO NOT need it.

How's that for a deal?

Rotten, you say? Well, pal, THAT is Romney's tax plan.

He wants to cut tax rates "across the board" by the same percentage for everyone. He says he will make up the cost by "closing loopholes". Two things are very, very wrong about this plan.

First, using the same percentage to cut taxes means the people at the top get the biggest amount of dollars. In this world, dollars are what count, not percentages. If Romney gets a 20% reduction on his income of $20 million a year, that's a BIG pile of moola! And remember, he's already paying only 13.9%. If you get the same percentage cut, it's small potatoes by comparison.

BUT you won't even get that! That's because of the second very bad aspect of this plan:  the "loopholes"Romney would take away are the "deductions" YOU now use to reduce your taxes. Goodbye, deductible home mortgage interest! Hello, taxes due on employer-paid health benefits! Etc. Etc. So you'll end up paying $2000 more on average in order to finance the $87,000 give-away to Mitt and each of his wealthy friends.

Such is the analysis of a non-partisan study group co-chaired by a former George W. Bush White House staffer.

Though Romney hasn't come out and admitted that he wants to take away your deductions (he's awfully secretive about tax stuff, isn't he?), the study group points out that only by closing off these deductions for the middle class can there be enough taxes collected to pay Romney and his pals their $87,000 gift.

Let's hope that Romney does indeed use his $87,000 gift from you to buy another dressage horse. That would fit right in with the creaky old GOP "trickle-down" economic theory: "Give the rich more money and they'll invest it and the benefits will trickle down to the masses." (Except this doesn't work. We tried it beginning with George W's tax cuts, and it's been downhill ever since.)

If Romney gets another $87,000 from you and buys another $77,000 horse and spends $10,000 on feed   -   well, you can see what's coming! You can smell it too. What "trickles down" on us is horse piss and horse poop!  And we'll be the same old stable hands we have been these past years, trying to clean up the financial mess made by our "betters".

After all we are just "you people",  disdainfully labeled such by Anne Romney. We don't have lots of homes. Some of us have lost the one home we had. We don't drive multiple Cadillacs or have elevators for our cars. We're just peasants in the Romneys' eyes, people who wear cheap raincoats and can't bake cookies to Mitt's tastes. "Dressage" to us means how-on-the-hell are we going to pay for the kids' school shoes this month?

If we do buy Mitt that horse, let's make him promise not to tie it to the roof of his car.

Or how about this? Instead of giving Mitt your $2000 next year, why not send Obama $200 now or even $20 or even $2? What a bargain! Help a guy who is on YOUR side and thereby avoid Mitt Romney picking your pocket. BE SMART!

And, hey there, Mitt! Speaking of taxes, where's those tax returns of yours?



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