Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney Plan Kills Medicare by 2016

That should be the headline on today's NY Times story about Romney's plan to "restore the Obama cuts to Medicare."

Buried in the second paragraph after a bunch of blah-blah is the projection that Medicare will be "insolvent" by 2016 if Romney ends Obama's cost cuts.

That's called "burying the lead".  And it's a big no-no in journalism.

The sad thing is that Romney has blind-sided the NYT twice. Twice the NYT reporters have laid out a bunch of facts without grasping their significance.

I've been stupid too.  Twice I've tried to explain the NYT stories.  Today's NYT story and one on August 14.  Twice I too have gotten into the weeds.

The simple picture is this:

1. Without Obama's $700+ billion cost CONTAINMENT, Medicare goes bust in JUST FOUR YEARS.

2. TODAY'S seniors will then have to buy PRIVATE insurance.  God help us all!

3. Romney is lying when he says his plan will not affect current Medicare recipients! Affect them? It bankrupts their beloved and vitally needed Medicare!

4. Romney is PERSONALLY benefitting from the over-billing of Medicare that is bringing the insolvency.  He still gets profits from Bain which gets huge profits from giant hospital chain HCA through gouging Medicare.

5. Bain initiated the gouging at HCA after purchasing the financially troubled chain several years ago.  Bain has since made billions off HCA!

6. Romney and Bain will make even more from HCA when Medicare is dead because there will be no Medicare policing of what providers can charge the elderly.

7. Why hasn't the present HCA/Bain/Romney claims-gouging been stopped?  The head of Medicare is a former HCA executive. Since she is an Obama appointee, either she doesn't know what's going or is still loyal to her old employer.

8. Does the Obama administration or the campaign understand what's going on?  Does anybody except this old lady in PA who has always "followed the money" in journalism, politics, government and law?


10. So far the NYT has failed to point out that Romney is personally benefitting from HCA's raid on Medicare.  Their stories have seen all the trees and missed the forest.  Folks, the forest is on fire and your life will soon be ashes.

Above are the "Top Ten Reasons You Will Need to Refinance Your Home In Order to Pay Your Parent's Medical Expenses After 2016".

Good luck with that. You're going to need it!

P.S.  Mitt Romney, release the tax returns that show how much you have gouged out of Medicare!


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