Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GOP's Right? The Campaign Is Over?

Forget it!

All the brouhaha about Ryan as a veep pick.  A naked GOP Congressman cavorting in the Sea of Galilee.  A GOP candidate for Senate making idiot remarks in Kansas.  The GOP ending Medicare.  Forget it all

Remember also to forget that Romney has 50% more funds on hand right now than Obama.  That the GOP super pacs have many millions more.  That the economy is middling and muddling along.

Forget everything but this one thing, the one thing that the GOP is betting the farm on. And rightly so.

It's voter turnout.

That's what Romney's pick of Ryan means. That's what his lie about Obama cutting Medicare means.  That's also what's behind his lie about Obama ending the work requirement for welfare.  And that's why he's virtually given up focusing on Obama's "failure" to improve the economy.  He banked everything for a long time on this last argument, and it failed.  Polls show folks aren't happy with the economy and don't think it will get better, but they still like Obama better than Romney.

So Romney's gang know they have only one hope:  gin up their base to vote and count on the Democrats and the Dem-leaning to stay home on election day.

This is why they are seemingly fumbling around and throwing everything in the kitchen sink at Obama.  The pundits are wrong when they say this is a desperation strategy.  In a close election like this one, Romney's strategy makes sense.  GET YOUR PEOPLE TO THE POLLS!

So he's stoking his far-right party  -  and the GOP is now entirely a far-right party.  Contrary to the pundits, his attacks on Obamacare and Obama's plans for Medicare are working.  So is his racist-based claim that Obama is reinstating "the welfare queen".  His base is thrilled with this garbage! Just as they are thrilled with Paul Ryan.  And Romney's so-called base is his ENTIRE PARTY.

And how do I knowthe Romney voters are ginned up?  Because   -   like the words of a silly 1940s song  -  I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch.  I live in that part of central Pennsylvania that is so red that it's Alabama without the accent.  My Republican born-again friends and neighbors are really fired up!  They will be voting in greater numbers now.  They are out there registering everything that moves, including the cows and the John Deere tractors!

At the same time, the polls still show that the Democratic voters are not enthusiastic, especially the younger ones.  Of course, we can't expect the intoxicating roar of 2008.  In fact, you will likely never see again in your lifetime such a wonderful spectacle as the Obama campaign of 2008, with its adoring crowds of 40,000 and 100,000, with its transporting wave of enthusiasm.

But we've got to get our people out to vote.  We have a wonderful man as a candidate.  He's done a damn fine job as president against horrible odds.  And he is now fighting like hell to win.  And we have everyting to lose, including the Supreme Court for a lifetime. Meantime the GOP has erected barriers to voting in two key states, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  We've MUST do all we can to get out our vote.

So don't sit around chortling at the seeming GOP screw-ups.  Forget the pundits who think Romney has doomed himself.  (Few pundits have ever worked in a political campaign or understand elective politics.)  Sure, Romney's an idiot.  BUT HE IS CRAFTY.  He can COUNT.  (He's had lots of practice by counting his money.)

He and his party are counting votes.  Theirs v. ours.  There are very, very few undecideds any more. In fact, I can't recall any election ever before in which, at this still early point, there were only 3% undecided.  And yet that's what some polling is showing! (Normally it's about 10%.)  FORGET THE UNDECIDEDS!  They don't exist!

So it's not a battle for hearts and minds.  Romney has won that battle among his voters by picking Ryan.  Now it's a battle for feet.  Feet that will walk precincts.  Feet that will walk to polling places on election day.

So forget the ad money.  Forget the conventions and the debates.  It's over, kiddies.  We are tied and in the last inning.  And YOU are coming up to bat!

Can't you at least get us a WALK?  At least get on first?  Do it!  Walk into the nearest Obama headquarters and sign up to help.  Then go for second base:  Walk a precinct to find our voters and rev them up.  Then break for third:  Help with get-out-the-vote on election day.

That's the winning run, sports fans!  The winning run is YOU!


Hey, Romney, we are NOT forgetting your tax returns!  Where are they, mister?



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