Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eddie Munster, Paul Ryan, and Catholic Bishops

Lily and Herman Munster must be ecstatic!  

In accordance with the American Dream that any child can grow up to be president, their little boy Eddie seems to have grown up to be Paul Ryan, Romney's pick for being "a heart-beat away from the presidency."

The name is different but it's the same guy. Paul Ryan IS Eddie Munster.  You can tell by the strange, dramatic hairline across the forehead.  That deep dark dip of ever-so-black hair, that mark of the werewolf/vampire.  Yeah, it's Eddie all right.

You can also tell by Paul "Eddie" Ryan's politics. The infamous Ryan Budget will suck the blood out of the middle class, the elderly, and the poor in order to lavish further tax cuts on the wealthy.  This is not a Hollywood-created horror plot; it's the real thing.  The diabolical Ryan scheme actually exists on paper and has been twice adopted by the GOP-controlled House.

Enter the Catholic Bishops!  It's time for an exorcism!

Last April, when the House was about to adopt the Ryan vampire scheme, the Catholic bishops wrote a letter to the House, decrying the draconian Ryan attack on the poor and on families.  But the House GOP members ignored the plea of the bishops to act humane and instead persisted in being monsters.  Cut those school lunches for hungry kids!  Cut those Pell grants for struggling college kids!  Heads still spinning around gleefully, the House GOP joined Ryan in dancing on the coffin of the American people.  (Where's Richard Burton when you need him?)

Of course the Senate rejected the killer plan, and the American public (and the media) promptly forgot it like a nightmare on wakening.  But now Paul Ryan and his "Menu for Devouring the People" are going to be front and center in the presidential election. Not only will this wrap a lot of garlic around Romney's neck, but it may also win the House back for the Democrats.  All those House members who took Democratic seats in 2010 and then voted for the Ryan Budget are stuck with the mark of the beast.  Until now their snooting the bishops and their cruel proposals have gone unremarked among the sleeping, vulnerable American people.  But no longer!

Paul Ryan and his budget may not only cost Romney the election but may take the House GOP down with him. The old TV show "The Munsters" may turn into "Titanic" with Paul Ryan starring as the iceberg.

Sorry, Lily and Herman. Sorry, Grandpa Munster.  Your dream for your little Eddie is our nightmare.  Paul Ryan cannot be vice-president.  We Americans may be a bit idiotic but we are not complete idiots.  

The only way little Eddie can become Vice President Ryan is for the GOP to steal the election through voter suppression in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We Democrats won't let that happen, will we?  This won't be like Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004, will it?  (Democratic voters had to wait 22 hours in line to vote in Ohio cities in 2004, and many gave up.  Ohio thus gave GW his second term.)

How can we put a stake through the heart of the GOP plan to steal this election?  Volunteer for registering voters and for get-out-the-vote!  Send Obama a few bucks to hire lawyers to fight the voter suppression. (Even volunteer lawyers have to meet the expense of staff and court filings.)

Richard Burton is not coming to our rescue as the brave priest in "The Exorcist".  Hollywood is not going to write a happy ending for our current morality play.  Ryan and his fellow Catholics of GOP persuasion are not going to heed the social-conscience cries of the Catholic bishops.

The ending of this nightmare is up to us.  Is Grandpa Munster going to dance on our coffin? Or can we defeat The Forces of Darkness?

P.S. Hey, Romney, where's your tax returns?  And little Eddie's?





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    Dorothy I read yesterday's blog with great interest. The NAACP has this phone number set up to REGISTER NEW VOTERS EASILY. It also will help you if you are having a VOTING SUPPRESSION PROBLEM. Please keep on promoting this number. Go to to learn more. Fight back and we'll win.

    1. Thanks, bennbenji! I will certainly share this phone number and info with readers and family and everyone. With help from folks like you, we can fight back against this hideously unAmerican GOP tactic. YES WE CAN! And thanks for reading and commenting. You made my day!