Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ann Romney, the Snob

Did you notice that it was principally male commentators who fell down at Ann Romney's feet in praise of her convention speech?

Not the women.  Even Peggy Noonan, one-time writer for Reagan and a staunch Republican columnist for the Wall Street Journal, was not impressed with Ann Romney's speech:  "She missed an opportunity."

No, Ann Romney didn't miss an opportunity.  You can't make a silk purse out of sow's ear.  She can't make her husband likable because he isn't.  He's the guy you avoid at parties.  

And  -  for women  -  Ann is too.  She's a snob.  She sees the rest of us  -  the unwashed, unmonied herd  -  as beneath her.  We women know this and not just from her having used phrases like "you people".

She's got That Look.  It flickers in her eyes and at the corners of her mouth.  It's a barely hidden disdain waiting to leap out and dismiss you.  It's the nostrils waiting to flare.  The eyes ready to glare.  The ever-ready cold snub.

Women notice these things about faces and demeanor far more than men do, so studies tell us.  Supposedly we women had to become good at this perception stuff because we were the "weaker sex" and had to read bad guys from good guys or get dragged off by our hair. Apparently we also learned how to read each other. This is a skill appropriate to the women-working-together pattern we supposedly follow in getting things done, as opposed to the male pattern of "play your own position" team work.


We can all pick up on the Ann Romney who doesn't want us working in HER group.  She's a PRINCESS, not one of us "people".  All the entitlement of her $20 million-a-year income floats around her like a shield.  She's so immersed in entitlement that she dared say out loud some months ago that "it's Mitt's turn to be the candidate."  So much for democracy.

Does it matter?  That she's a snob?


Because whither she cometh from, so does her husband.  These are a pair of real meanies, not to be trusted to take care of our poor and elderly and sick.  They give a relatively small part of their income to their church.  When you have $20 million a year in income to throw around, tossing one-tenth to the great unwashed isn't much.  Awash in wealth, the Romneys hardly miss that $2 million.

Also, they hardly miss it because it isn't really their money.  It's money they took from the working folks like YOU who had to pay more federal income taxes to make up for the Romneys slithering their way through tax loopholes only the rich can use.  Without the loopholes, they should have had a $6 million tax liability, not the 13% they paid. The tithing their Mormon church requires would be $2 million. Of course they didn't give away the additional $2 million that they had saved in taxes. They kept it. They took it from you, and they kept it.  And I'll bet they didn't even send you a thank you card.

Oh, and by the way:  Ann Romney forgot to mention in her convention speech that during their supposedly money-pinched, tuna-casserole years of Mitt's schooling they were living off a $328,000 hand-out from Mitt's daddy. In today's dollars that's nearly a million buckaroos.

Poor Mittsy and Annikans!  Boo-hoo?

Naw! Just say "Hooey!"


Stop being flinty with us about the tax returns, Mrs. Romney.  We want to see them, princess or not.



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