Wednesday, August 1, 2012

GOP Medals in The Long Throw!

This next week we will get to see the world's greatest throwers of the discus, the hammer, and the javelin. But this past week we have already witnessed the GOP out-throwing even these world champs.

And what are they throwing? You guessed it! Colossal BULL!

First throw: John McCain and his GOP cohorts are claiming  -  get this!  -  that Obama is to blame for the deal cut last summer to reduce defense spending and non-defense spending equally beginning (in stages) after January 1.

Obama is to blame? They've gotta be kidding!

Only they aren't. They really expect people to believe this nonsense.

The trillion in cuts, including the $500 billion in defense, was the result of the House GOP refusing to raise the debt ceiling. Remember? It was hostage money! Now the terrorist GOP who extorted the deal are complaining. And blaming Obama! That's like kidnappers blaming the victim's family for paying the ransom!

What are these GOP Senators smoking?

Second throw: And this one comes from the Romney campaign and is even more ludicrous. A new Romney ad claims that jobs were LOST because of Obama's bailout of the auto industry. These Romney people are not only smoking stuff; they must be on the sauce! The auto industry rescue SAVED a million jobs! But Romney's people found an auto dealer that had to shut down after the bailout. Turns out GM denied him further credit, and he had thirty cars on the lot. Do you see any reasoning in this that would explain GM's decision? A decision that seems to have had nothing to do with Obama? Somehow Romney & Co. don't see the real reason?

And Romney is supposed to be the guy who really understands business. Tell me, please, what would have happened to this erstwhile auto dealer if Romney's "let Detroit go bankrupt" had prevailed?

Third throw: And how about Jack Gilchrist, the "businessman" in that other Romney ad? The one who claims he built his business by himself and is so incensed that Obama  -  so Romney falsely claims  -   is suggesting that he didn't.

This Jack the Entrepreneur had FOUR different government handouts!

He is such a fake that he makes Joe the Plumber look like  -  well. a plumber. Which Joe wasn't.

Are the Romney folks desperate? They are sure acting like it. And it's understandable. It is just awfully hard to run a campaign without a candidate.

Moral of the story: if you haven't got a viable candidate, tell lots of lies.

By the way, Mitt, what about those tax returns?


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