Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan for VP Means GOP Will Steal This Election?

Romney has hit the panic button and picked Paul Ryan for his running mate. It's "McCain Picks Palin" all over again, and Ryan can't even see Russia from his front porch.

Why would Romney pick a running mate who has done the biggest no-no in politics:  threatened Medicare and Social Security?  The Ryan Budget ends Medicare and replaces it with a voucher system that  -  at minimum  -   would cost a senior an additional $6400 per year. That's about half of what the average senior gets in Social Security per year, and many seniors have no other income because the 2008 crash destroyed their investments or drove interest-earning down to pennies. The 2008 crash also shows why privatizing Social Security is idiocy.  After 2008 if you still want to privatize Social Security, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

The Democrats are now in the gleeful position of shooting fish in a barrel (though I've never understood why someone would want to shoot fish).  Here comes that ad showing a Ryan-look-alike pushing Grandma over the cliff in her wheelchair.  Remember that one?  Or how about one that depicts a Romney-Ryan bus with the sign, "Throw Grandma Under Here"?

And how about an ad explaining that YOU will have to pony up FIVE TRILLION DOLLARS in order to pay for the Ryan Budget tax cuts for the rich-and-getting-richer?

And how about ads telling America to kiss goodbye to its National Parks, its food inspection, its airport control, etc. etc.? The entirety of our domestic spending! That's what happens by 2024 under the Ryan Budget!

So why did Romney  -  cautious to the point of being a wus  -   pick the worst VP choice in the universe?

Because he's losing and he knows it!  That's what his choice of Ryan really tells us.  (It also tells us what the GOP's real plan is for winning the fall election, but more on that later in this piece.)

Fox, CNN, and Reuters polls all gave him bad marks this past week. He's down nationally by seven to nine points among these three polls that usually lean a bit GOP (except Fox, which leans a lot).  Nate Silver, the super analyst, gives him only a 26.7% chance of winning.

His "don't like Mitt as a person" number is way up above his personal positive.  He's the most disliked major party candidate ever to run for the presidency!

Only one-fourth of voters would be "comfortable" with Romney winning.

When losing, go "bold".  That's what McCain did.  But Romney has gone even further.  McCain didn't know a damn thing about Palin so he couldn't know how bad she'd be, that she'd scare off all but the 24% who were as dumb as she was.  In Romney's case, he KNOWS that Ryan is a gift to the Democrats.

So why do it?  Panic.  Panic means a rush to the exits where everybody gets trampled.  It doesn't make sense.  It ends badly.  But fear makes it feel right.

All that's left for the GOP now is to hope the economy crashes or  -  far, far likelier  -  that they can steal this election.

That's always the GOP fall-back plan.  It worked in 2000 in Florida.   It worked in 2004 in Ohio.  It almost worked in 1960 when armed "gringos" kept Latino voters away from the polls in California's agricultural Central Valley and gave Nixon the state in the belatedly counted absentees, thereby holding JFK to one of the narrowest national victories ever.

And they've got it rigged for this year.  That's the purpose of the voter-suppression laws in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.  (The GOP enacted such laws in a lot of other states too, but most of them are darkly red already.)

Ryan's VP candidacy won't win this election for us.  Nothing will win it for us if the GOP can steal it.  We've got to have volunteer poll-watchers at every precinct.  We've got to fight hard to get our voters to the polls and to be sure they can vote when they get there. Now  -   MORE THAN EVER  -  you must sign up to help because now we know that the GOP will have to fall back on stealing this election.

ONLY YOU can prevent that happening!

Romney's panic choice of Ryan is not enough.  His hoof 'n mouth campaigning is not enough.  Obama wiping the debate stage floor with him is not enough.  YOU have to be there on election day to make sure they don't steal the election and our future.  Can we prevent another such steal at home plate?

With your help, YES WE CAN!

And, Mitt, we haven't forgotten about your tax returns?  And what about Ryan's while you're at it?      



  1. i just sent a letter via email to the department of justice voting rights division and suggest all readers do as well ( i think the national guard should be called out to protect voters rights at the polls!

    1. What a great idea! I'll certainly contact doj, & I better do a posting that is about both your comments, highlighting the doj contact and the naacp phone number you provided for assistance. Together, all of us can kick some you-know-what! Oh, YES WE CAN!