Friday, August 31, 2012

Eastwood & Romney: Empty Chair, Empty Suit

Clint Eastwood was the perfect choice for the key spot just before Mitt Romney's acceptance speech.

Clint Eastwood IS the GOP!  Old, white and out of its mind!

For Romney's part, he did not drool on his tie.  He did not make a fool of himself during his acceptance speech. (For a change.)  He was a not-very-appealing suitor pleading for us to give him his hearts and break off with the guy we love.

He was actually rather pathetic.  Even his facial expression was pathetic.  The half-smile, the pleading eyes.  He was trying to be humble and show need of our love.

His mating call was "America".  He said "America" and "American" far more than any other words.  Like we don't know where we are or who we are?

I got very bored with his speech.  And nauseated with all that squishy stuff about parents and children and "community".  For heaven's sake! Romney and his ilk live in GATED communities.  And I really don't care about the struggles of his ancestors and those of the endless parade of his fellow Republicans who reeked of wealth and privilege.  We all had struggling ancestors, especially the Native Americans who have been helped more by Obama than by all prior presidents put together.  More to the point, the GOP is clearly anti-immigrant and doesn't want anyone else to have ancestors who came here and struggled.

I care about the struggles, not of someone's ancestors, but of today's families, the students, the elderly, the sick.  The housekeeping crews who cleaned the rooms of the GOP conventioneers.  The migrant workers who picked the fruit they ate.  The elderly who lost their retirement money in the Republican Crash of 2008.  The 55-year-old man and the 48-year-old woman who will never get a job again because the Romney-Bush economic policies just don't work and the GOP has blocked Obama's job creation efforts.

As for Romney as a suitor?  Forget it! I had a lot of boy friends and a lot of marriage proposals.  The great love of my life was the one I chose second time around.  I said "yes" because I knew I could trust him.  Trust his judgment.  Trust his loyalty.  Trust his goodness of heart and his intelligence.  And he was funny and had a great singing voice.  (Remind you of somebody else, whose initials are Barack Obama?)  He wasn't a big-time "success" but he was a success as a person.  He was a grown-up.  A man for all seasons.

Romney is still a boy.  In a primary debate, he cried out for Anderson Cooper to come to his rescue.  He leans on Princess Ann, exploiting her MS to get votes.  He gets petulant when interviewers question him.  He brags about his wealth.  He gratuitously insults people who bake him cookies or can't afford the "right" kind of rain coats.  He tells lies.  He wants to run out and start some more wars to show what tough stuff he is.

Romney's a kid.

Above all else this matters.  Just picture Mitt Romney being president instead of JFK at the time of the Cuban missile crisis.  JFK defied all his military advisers and his Cabinet and played it cool.  Thus avoiding a cataclysm.  We want a grown-up in the White House!

Romney is a spoiled kid.  That's the "real" Romney.  What you see is what you get.  Words well-delivered can't mask the reality.  John McCain was too old to be president.  Mitt Romney isn't old enough.

Clint Eastwood talked to an empty chair.  Romney is an empty suit.  Clint Eastwood is 82 years old.
There is no excuse for Romney.
And, Mitt, there's no excuse for you not handing over the tax returns!

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