Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Romney Sweeps First, Second, and THIRD!

Yep. Romney has done it a THIRD time. He has a record now:  insulting remarks in each of the three countries he has visited. No other would-be world leader approaches this record.

He gets the brass medal for each event. Not gold, not silver, not bronze. Brass.

This time it was Poland. To be fair, Romney handed off to a chief aide for the event. But the visit isn't over yet, and maybe Boss Romney will pull his own stunt, like throwing up on someone's shoe. For now, it's totally fair to hang the missteps of his aides around the neck of the man who put them on his team. That's "best business practices", folks, especially at the top level. The immediate staff of a business executive has  -  first and foremost  -  the duty to NEVER make their boss look bad. He picked these clowns and he is accountable for them.

So what did Romney's man do? At Poland's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where Romney was engaged in what should be a solemn moment of laying a wreath, his aide told reporters in quite audible tones to "kiss my a**" and to "shove it".

Not graveside language anywhere. Especially not at the site honoring those Polish military who stood so gallantly and hopelessly against the mighty Hitler blitzkrieg. (A "blitzkrieg" is when you are a horse-mounted cavalry fighting armored vehicles, as did the Polish heroes.) The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier also brings to mind the thousands of Polish officer-prisoners methodically executed in the Katyn Forest Massacre against all codes of war and "decency". (As if war can ever be made decent.)

Some commentators are designating the Tomb as "a Polish holy site".  It should be considered a site of significance for all the world:  a monument not only to dead heroes but to no more wars, no more dictators, no more dead heroes, no more dead civilians, no more dead children. Hundreds of millions of people died in WWII. Twenty million more Russians died at the hands of Stalin. Forty million Chinese were killed by Mao. How about Cambodia? Vietnam? The Korean War? Another million? Sarajevo? And Africa, poor Africa? Iraq and Afghanistan? And the "disappeared" of the Latin American countries?

When is enough really enough?

But Romney wants more. As much as his aide insulted the site of the tomb,  Romney insults it more by his mindless war-mongering about Iran. He has made clear that he will approve Israel bombing Iran, probably with a nuclear weapon.  (How else break into the deep Iran bunkers?). Well, that will really advance peace in the Middle East. Sure.

He is also stoking anti-Muslim feelings here and abroad. He is relying for his foreign policy on the same war-mongering "America the Mighty Slaps -'Em-Around" guys who ran George W's shop. And we all know how well that worked out.

Please. No more war. No more dead children. No more inflaming hatred. No Mitt Romney.

I'm the kid sister of the Greatest Generation. Most of them are gone now. But I remember for all of them:  War Is Hell. And warmongers deserve to go to Hell.

So, Mr. Romney, you can just take your war-mongering and hate-mongering and SHOVE IT!

And don't you dare even think of kissing you-know-what!  Just go soak your empty head.

Let Mr. Obama get on with the job of trying to bind up the wounds of this poor old world.

And let's all help Obama to have another four years of the good work he has initiated around the world, finding wherever possible a way without war.

P.S. Hey, Mitt, where are those tax returns?


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