Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's With The Women? AND What's With You?

Some poll came out today showing more married women favor Romney than Obama. And the opposite as well. More single women favor Obama than favor Romney.

The pundits think it could be that people who get married these days are more conservative. Or maybe they are older and thus more conservative. It maybe this or maybe that. Or maybe something else?

I have a an awful suspicion   -  so awful that I hesitate to share it. We know that the majority of men always favor the Republicans. Therefore, could it be that women who marry then switch their political views to suit their husbands? I hate to think this could be true, but the political difference between married women v. unmarried women has been a constant for years, as has been the persistence of men leaning Republican. Thus it appears one side is giving in, and the other isn't.

This takes me back to the bad and stupid old days. When we walked precincts back in the fifties and sixties and early seventies, married women often told us at the door, "Oh, I just vote the way my husband tells me to."

If that's enough to set your hair on fire, consider this one: We didn't even think that was strange or outrageous. Kiddo, that was the norm for those times in all things. It was in every way still a man's world. 

So what's with these women who switch their vote after they marry? Are they trying to "stand by their man"? Or are they just crazy? Or are the two things the same?

The GOP has nothing to offer women, married or unmarried. They have opposed virtually everything women care about: funding for education, better health care, family health leave, equal pay, better provision of care for elderly parents, tougher food inspection, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I am ashamed. I already carry the onus of being old and white and therefore am classed with a group of retrograde dinosaurs who oppose everything except increases in their Social Security and Medicare. Now do I now have to be ashamed of being a woman?

I guess I'll have to give Obama more money. Have to do something to make up for the sisters who have their heads you-know-where. And the poor guy really needs the bucks. He got out-raised by Romney in June by one-third. And that's not counting the super pac money. You folks let him down.

Do I have to carry this campaign all by myself? People, I am seventy-six years old and living solely on Social Security. What else is there for me to sacrifice so as to further help the scrawny kid with the graying hair? I gave up getting hearing aids this year so as to send him some dough. And going out once in a while to eat. And getting my hair cut. And buying a chair to replace my broken recliner. And sending grandkids presents. And replacing my worn out shoes. I even turned the thermostat down to 50 this winter and went cold.

I did it for you. If Obama doesn't win, you're in big trouble. And so are your kids. So is the whole world. The fox will be back in the chicken coop. Romney will be George Bush all over AGAIN! I'll be out of here before long, gone to the big Democratic convention "on the other side". But you'll be stuck here with rotten Republican sure-to-fail economic plans and some more wars and an end of environmental and consumer laws and a Supreme Court that will make you very, very sorry.

So what are you doing to save yourself? To save the world? Are you really doing your share? Shouldn't you do more than your share? God in heaven knows that all of us in this country have had more than our share of the good things of this world than has virtually anyone else.

Come on, darlings! It's pay-back time!

Send the man the money! Right now! And  -  oh, yes  -  you sure as hell can! Don't kid me! Mama knows!

You can't afford not to.  



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