Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hard to Post Your Comments? "Grandma Jo", You Okay?

On July 24 "Grandma Jo", a reader of this blog, tried to post a comment and got one sentence up before quitting in despair. (Or being kidnapped?)

I'm so sorry, Grandma Jo!

So I've spent hours trying to get Google to fix things. Everybody complains about how hard it is to post comments on blogs, no matter the service. But, of course, Google Blogger is least cooperative of all.

Nevertheless, I've tried some fixes.

So PLEASE try again to post comments. Any and all of you. And PLEASE let me know on this posting if you've had an easier or worse time of doing so since 5 p.m. EDT (USA) 7/24.

Can we defeat the inscrutable ways of Google? YES, WE CAN!

And, Grandma Jo, are you okay? Not kidnapped are you?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Dorothy. I did manage to get the full comment posted, but had trouble with other ones. thus the brevity of my comment. I also have trouble with the "letter" stuff sometimes. And I had to re-set my Google password. So, it was a pain. but I managed. I'm OK, I love your blog. I'm an avid reader, sometimes commenter on Daily Kos, and even have a low user ID #... Easier to post there.