Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mother Jones and the Thursday Night Massacre


Thursday night Mother Jones broke the big story that Romney not only pioneered in outsourcing jobs overseas but had ownership in a Chinese company that GOT the jobs.

This was in 1998. No question that he was at Bain when this went down. He has never claimed to have left Bain as early as 1998.

So who's a "liar" now, Mitt Romney? You should apologize for calling Obama a liar in your new TV ad and in five major network interviews. The Obama campaign has been telling the truth. You ARE an outsourcer. In spades.

You should apologize to the American workers who are victims of outsourcing. Who have lost their homes and now live in poverty.

You should apologize to the American voters for all your hypocritical campaign statements about getting tough on the Chinese to protect American jobs. You MADE MONEY being part of the Chinese game. You made money at BOTH ends of the deal. You made money on the cost cutting by American firms and on the Chinese workers who got those jobs earning pitiful salaries and working in dreadful conditions.

The Mother Jones Thursday night story is not only a remarkable piece of journalism but also notable for having been released on a Thursday night. News-wise, Fridays are the Black Hole. Everybody with any sense avoids releasing news on a Friday (and therefore a Thursday night) because there's no audience. The public is all drunk down at the local bar after about noon on Friday. (Or so the thinking goes.) So are the journalists.

This strangely-timed release of the Mother Jones story indicates how hot this story really is. It couldn't wait.

It's also reminiscent of the Saturday Night Massacre when Richard Nixon's presidency unraveled on television before a transfixed American public. Nobody went out to the movies that Saturday night! It was the on-screen chopping block for Nixon as he fired in rapid succession one after another of his Attorneys General because they wouldn't help him continue the Watergate cover-up. That night he lost the American people.

If there is any justice in America  -  and any true journalism  -   this Mother Jones story should be main stream media big-time. This should be the cornerstone from now on in a media campaign narrative that shows Romney to be what he is  -  not only an outsourcer but a liar and a hypocrite.

That's what should happen. Or were all the journalists celebrating TGIF on Thursday night and missed this really big story? And if so, when in hell's name are they going to sober up and take their jobs seriously? When are they going to give us an honest picture of Mitt Romney, the most dishonest man who has ever run for president of the United States?

Good job, Mother Jones! You have lived up to your namesake, the grand old gal who was the inspiration of the early union movement. She fought for jobs; you have too.

And for truth.

Would there were more like you.    

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