Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's Your Answer?

[I am deliberately not commenting on the Colorado tragedy. Ever since JFK was shot, this country has never surprised me by what heinous things its men can do with guns. And so we grieve. When enough people care, things will change. Things certainly won't get better under GOP control. Therefore, I'm staying on topic:  the 2012 election.]

So here goes:

A reader recently commented that he had voted for Obama in '08 but now he doesn't know what to do. He says Obama has "shown himself to be not much different" from Romney. He calls this election a "lose/lose" for the American voter.

I replied by citing some of Obama's many achievements. (I plan to do a blog soon on the remarkable Obama record.)

But then I got wondering. How would YOU answer this concerned and puzzled reader? I assume he/she is genuinely puzzled and not just a stalking horse.

What do YOU see as the differences between the two candidates? Let's leave out the personal attributes, like Obama really can sing and Romney CAN'T. And Obama is cool, and Romney is a jerk. And Obama came up the hard way, and Romney was born with a silver rod up his spine. (That's why he walks so strangely.)

You're going to be confronted with this question by others over the next months: What's the difference between the two guys? Almost 10% of voters have not made up their minds yet.

So, what are you going to say?

What YOU say to friends, associates and family counts far more than anything else in politics, second only to party registration. And the people who are still undecided are generally not registered with either party. So YOU are the number one influence. Isn't it nice to know that you outweigh the influence of all that GOP super pac money and all the lies that the GOP tells?

So  -  again  -   what are YOU going to say? What do you suggest that our other readers say? Let's share ideas!

And speaking of other readers, BIG WELCOME to the first new readers in CHINA and in AFGHANISTAN! I am deeply grateful that people who obviously have a lot of other things on their minds would take the time  -  and even some risk?  -  to read this blog.

I know that leaving comments on these blogs is a bit of work, but please try. We need YOUR ideas! Let's have 'em!

And please keep a good thought for those readers in Afghanistan and China. Plus all the brothers and sisters! Together, we shall overcome.

Yes, we just gotta!



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