Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Romney, Bermuda, China, and Chocolate Cake

Romney and the GOP keep complaining that we voters and the media and the Democratic Party just don't understand how business works.

Sorry, Mitt. We do get it. All too well.

We know why you have investments in Bermuda. Exactly why.

Bermuda was your conduit for your investments in the Chinese appliance manufacturer that took jobs away from workers at such good ol' American companies as Sunbeam. By investing through a Bermuda set-up, you hoped to avoid a detectable trail of how you were not only outsourcing jobs but reaping profits from the Chinese companies getting those jobs.

I take this very personally, Mitt. You should have kept your hands off Sunbeam. I loved Sunbeam. They made wonderful appliances. Mixmaster, for one. I learned to cook at age eleven because my dad got my mom a Sunbeam Mixmaster and with it came a recipe booklet.

You want chocolate cake with chocolate frosting?

That Sunbeam cookbook and Mixmaster made the best there has ever been. And they made me a good cook. Twenty-five years ago I bought the same model Mixmaster at an auction. It was then over 30 years old, and it worked fine. When I sold it a few years ago it was still working.

An appliance that lasted over 55 years!

By contrast, I recently purchased a Sunbeam coffeepot. When I got home and opened the box, there was no basket for the coffee. I live twenty-five miles from the stores, and the 50-mile round trip hurts my poor old knees and costs me about $7 in gas. Now that damn coffeepot has cost me two trips! 100 miles of driving and $14 of gas. You stole from a poor widow, Mitt, and caused her physical pain.

I hate you, Mitt Romney and all you greedy guys who have outsourced our lives and drive us nuts with shoddy crap instead of decent, quality-controlled products. My new Amana frig of a couple of years ago had part of the door gasket missing. The AC I got last weekend was missing a major part. The new toaster thinks the settings I choose are a joke and does whatever it wants to.

I hate you, Mitt Romney, you "pioneer of outsourcing" and crappy appliances.

I don't expect an appliance to last 55 years like that Sunbeam Mixmaster. Even 5 years would be nice. But, Mitt, you and your GOP business cohorts don't think about 5 years. You think about the quarterly report, the shortest route to the biggest profit. You don't think about goals that take time  -  like rebuilding education, and our infrastructure, and a greener energy world. You don't think up. You think down. It isn't called "the bottom line" for nothing.

Companies used to build customer loyalty. Good, reliable products. Straight dealing. They were in business for the long haul. There were even honest banks. In fact, the town banker was the symbol of rectitude. Now everyone is Mr. Potter. YOU are Mr. Potter, Mitt Romney!

You care too much about money. You wouldn't dump the Bermuda-Switzerland-China syndrome of investments even though you've known for a long, long time that these would hurt your someday candidacy for the presidency. You wanted what was lucrative more than you wanted to be our president. Well, Mitt, it is OUR presidency. And if you  -  an already wealthy man  -  wanted additional money more than the presidency, then we don't want you to have that presidency. We value it a lot even if you don't.

And you can't have any of my chocolate cake either. Outsourcing to China and investing in a China company that got the outsourced jobs enabled you to have your cake and eat it too.

That's all the cake you are going to get, buddy boy!

Now get out of my kitchen!

And stop hypocritically going to church until you get some real ethics. God doesn't like men who are irresponsible in society and mean to old widowed women. Haven't you ever read the Bible!

Outta here before I take the broom to you!



  1. Your daughter touted your blog over at Daily Kos, and I am glad she did!

    You've got a new reader. Fired up, too!

    1. Thanks, Mrs.TarquinBiscuitbarrel! Love your moniker!) And welcome! Between your biscuits and my chocolate cake, ol' Mitt don't stand a chance! Go get 'em, gal!

  2. i'm an actor -- quite accomplished and wish i could use my real name--but the whole darn country is soooo polarized right now. YOU HAVE THE BEST--and my FAVORITE BLOG. God bless you and keep up the great work. Benn (Bennington College)
    ps. I think Mitt Romney is the most hateful candidate to ever run for president--American must keep awake.

  3. Hey, Benn! Thanks for the heartening comments! Yes, you actors have to be careful. Especially in light of "Break a leg!" Which I say to you in all the good wishes of the tradition. And, yes, Mitt Romney, IS the most hateful candidate ever. I've seen them all - all the way back to Thomas Dewey - and he wins "The Worst" award easily. Let's hope and pray that that is all he wins. Hope you'll be working against him. How do things look at Bennington?