Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GOP Aims Tax Hikes at YOU!

You're the target, baby!

The GOP Senators want to end those payroll tax cuts Obama got for you. Remember those? Well, you've been spending that money for three years, and I'll bet you forgot to send the Boss a thank you.

Obama fought hard for that money for you. He even cut a deal to get it and help you out. But lots of liberals HATE Obama cutting deals. So why don't they send the money back? Because they needed it! And they economy needed it  -  and still needs it  -  in order for the economy to continue its recovery.

The deal was made a year after your tax cuts were first obtained by Obama. He let the GOP extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy for two years in order to preserve your tax break.

Now the Senate GOP Senators are proposing that the 2.7 million wealthiest keep their really fat tax breaks permanently but you have to give up yours. So does the rest of the middle class and the 13 million working poor, the most put-upon Americans.

Sucks, doesn't it?

Throw da bums out!

It's baseball season so let's get really raucous. Let's take some of that money Obama got for us and send him a thank you present by contributing to his campaign. It's the decent thing to do. And the smart thing to do.

Because unless we keep control of the White House, YOUR taxes are going to go up big time. And  -  also rather important  -   the nation and the world will go to hell in a GOP hand-basket. You can bet the farm on that one.

But we need more than the White House. So pick a Senate race and start backing a Democratic candidate. You can find one, can't you? I don't have to do all the work around here, do I? How about Virginia, Montana, Hawaii, Ohio? They all need you. (Don't worry about Massachusetts; our gal there has plenty of bucks.) And consider Nebraska. Bob Kerrey is struggling against a Sarah Palin- endorsed GOP woman who has a zillionaire backer who gave her $3 million in her GOP primary.

Meantime, let's dance with the guy who brought us. Let's show Obama we remember that he has never forgotten us and has tried the very best anybody could to watch out for us. And let's give him a Democratic Senate so he doesn't have to stand all alone in D.C. against that GOP cabal.

You going to leave that skinny, smiling, graying guy all alone on the ramparts? I don't believe it.


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