Saturday, July 14, 2012

At the Bottom of Bain Is Richard Nixon?

It's five months to the day since I blogged about "where are the rest of Romney's tax returns?" Especially, where are the returns for the Bain years? Why should you care? Because it could mean the election. If Romney was running Bain when it was outsourcing jobs, swing voters in the Midwestern job-deprived swing states are going to be furious.

But Romney isn't handing over his tax returns, thus defying the precedent followed by all prior presidential candidates, beginning  -  oh, how life loves irony!  -  with his own father.

 Now the media is trying to figure out WHICH were the Romney years at Bain. Was he there when the bad stuff went down? They won't find out from Romney because he's a man of essential falsity.

He changes any story to fit the one constancy in his nature: what's good for Mitt Romney. That's all that apparently matters to him. Not truth, not justice, not the American way. He looks like Clark Kent but he  has none of the ethics of Superman, that's for sure. There's nothing under that business suit.

Back in the critical years at Bain, he filed documents with the SEC saying that he was the president  of Bain. AND the sole owner. AND the CEO. AND the chairman of the board. All these starring roles while it was doing naughty stuff  -  well, politically unpalatable stuff  -  like outsourcing jobs. He subsequently filed papers with the Massachusetts State Board of Ethics, again saying that he was in Massachusetts in these same key years and active with Bain even while hopping off to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympics. He was even paid at least a $100,000 salary by Bain that Olympics year. (The salary could have been millions because the form only shows "$100,000 or more".) This salary was in addition to the millions in company profits he was raking in as sole owner of Bain. He couldn't have been filling more roles at Bain unless he had started being its janitor. In fact, he WAS Bain.

These two filings were used by him to establish he was a resident of Massachusetts so he could run for governor.

Now it's become more convenient politically to claim he was hands-off-Bain in those years and couldn't possibly have been involved in its business decisions because, by golly, he was in Utah.

Like there weren't any telephones or jet planes or FAX machines or e-mail in 1999-2002?

Like a guy who holds every decision-making position in a company  -  who OWNS the company entirely  -  did not know what was going on with that company?

Oh, give me a break!

Second honesty issue:   Besides possible information about Bain, what is in his tax returns that makes him so fearful of releasing them for those years? It's got to be something really stinky because we already know about the outsourcing by Bain and about Romney's investments in  the Caymans, Bermuda, and Switzerland. For example, was there something unlawful about his gifting $100,000,000 to his kids tax-free?

Or is there fraud back there against his own investors? Some of them took a bath when Bain put companies into bankruptcy after "looting" them. Take a look at my February 14 blog on this possibility.
This type of fraud would also likely be revealed by Bain's tax returns and corporate records, but Bain won't release its returns for the Romney years and says it has "lost" its corporate records for that period?

Give me another break!

If those records don't exist any more, it's because they have been destroyed, not lost. It's Nixon and the erased 18 minutes on the Oval Office tapes. In fact this whole thing is beginning to look like Nixon all over again. And we all know how that one turned out.

Nixon could erase tapes but not his tax returns and a falsified document therein. So tune in next time for "Romney, Richard Nixon, and Falsifying Documents".  

Meantime, nobody in the Obama campaign should apologize to Romney for talking about Romney's possible "felony" in making false statements to the SEC, etc. Instead the media should just keep digging, and Obama should keep the pressure on Romney to come clean.

It's OUR presidency. It's OUR country. And we have the right to know who the hell this guy Romney really is. And what he has done.

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