Monday, July 16, 2012

Harry Truman v. Mitt Romney

Well, there's a comparison to make your stomach churn.

Mitt Romney sure ain't any Harry Truman. Romney made hundreds of millions in business; Harry Truman went broke at every business venture he tried. But Harry Truman was a damn good president, and Romney would be a disaster.

Harry knew something  -  and lived and governed by it  -  that Romney never has grasped and never will. It was portrayed on the sign Harry put on his desk in the Oval Office. Let's write it big:


Romney says he's not responsible for the bad deeds of Bain Capital, such as outsourcing jobs overseas, making tons of money off of companies Bain was bankrupting, firing thousands of people from their jobs and thereby destroying communities. He says he was out in Utah in those years, running the Olympics and not running Bain. But he OWNED Bain throughout the years in question. AND he swore to the SEC under penalty of perjury that he was the sole owner, the CEO, the chairman of the board, and the president of the company.

Now he wants to claim he had "retired retroactively" from Bain for those years of Bain naughtiness. Wow! Talk about a do-over! How many of us get to change our history and duck responsibility "retroactively"? I guess being super rich allows you to get out of anything. Or try to.

But the bottom line is that Romney OWNED Bain and held all its chief operating offices. The buck has got to stop with him even if he was off running an Olympics on Mars.

That's just the way it works in life, baby. Kind of like "You break it, you bought it." Or else we have to say that Hitler isn't responsible for the Holocaust because he wasn't running the death camps on a day to day basis. I'm not saying Romney is Hitler. But he is a dangerous man. He could get us a big step closer to a Hitler. I know because I remember the Hitler era. Keep in mind that Germany's economic depression is what brought Hitler to power. Romney's discredited economic theories can take us  -  and the world  -  into an economic catastrophe the likes of which you don't want to see. How do we know this? Because the same old tired GOP theories just brought us to the edge of it in 2008.

And now our weakened economy and the world's shaky one would really go down if another dose of dumb GOP measures were put in place. It's the GOP Congressional fixation on these stupid ideas that has held back a present recovery, all for the sake of denying Obama some success and a victory in 2012.

Remember, folks, that the GOP was ready to let the USA default on its debt last summer. There is no limit to how far the right-wingers will go. And Romney has never shown one bit of backbone in standing up to them. But even absent their extremism, Romney's clearly-wrong economic theories are enough in themselves to take us into economic disaster.

And what happens when people get hungry? They get their guns. And they get their brown shirts. And they look around for someone to blame, preferably "the other". With lots of America's middle-aged and older white folks already nervous about the increasing number of brown Americans, we can see where all this could head. It ain't pretty. Imagine Glenn Beck and his cohorts cheering on the throngs!

This is the ultimate nightmare, I admit, but a bad downturn short of this could be bad enough. It could cost you YOUR job.

So send Obama a few campaign dollars. While you still have a job. It may be the cheapest unemployment insurance you could ever get.

And it's the right thing to do. Just remember all those "good Germans" who did nothing when Hell was about to swallow their once-proud nation.

Don't be like Romney. Be like Harry Truman. Take responsibility. In this election, the buck stops with YOU.



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