Friday, April 28, 2017

Trump's (Secret) Goal WAS Achieved in 100 Days

Most experts were wrong in how they graded Trump on his first 100 days. They're using the goals he mouthed in his campaign. By that standard he's a dismal failure.

But that's not the measure. Years ago he said what his goal would be in running for president. He said he would do it to make moneyDonald Trump's Campaign, Billed as Self-Funded, Risks Little ...  By that standard he is a resounding success. The sound that resounds is the sound of the Trump family's cash register. His business is pulling in money from foreign governments  despite the constitutional prohibition on presidents taking payments from foreigners. His son is doing giant real estate deals while being an official in Trump's office. His daughter captured lucrative brand copyrights in China when she sat next to the president of China at a White House dinner.

For Trump, all that matters — all that has ever mattered — is the money. For him and his family.

For him the presidency has nothing to do with the sales pitch of his campaign. He never believed in the goals he campaigned on. He doesn't give a fig about issues. That's why he  forgets what he said 20 minutes ago, continually contradicts himself, and doesn't know what's in his own legisation. It's why he's left hundreds of top jobs unfilled that help run a presidency. And of course he goes golfing every weekend in Florida because he just doesn't give a damn about the work of the job. And he can bill the taxpayers for some of the cost of the trip, plus add to the drawing power of the place for cash customers.

Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money. Money.

The Trumps are all about  money.

While many commentators have complained about the White House oozing nepotism, only one commentator that I am aware of has grasped the real picture: the White House IS the family business. For the Trumps, the presidency only matters as it affects their bottom line. Egan: White House of Grifters

Timothy Egan's column I have cited above is the most important piece that has yet been written about the Trump presidency. You must read it and take it seriously.

It is disgusting to know that the presidency is now just a con man's grift. But it's reassuring too. At least Trump doesn't want to be Hitler. And our country has survived past massive scandals in Washington, e.g. the Teapot Dome scandal, Watergate. All that Trump and his family are stealing is mere money. Not our freedoms, as we feared.

In fact, I can imagine Trump and Jared and Ivanka laughing together at our worry about their possibly destroying our system. Destroy this system? Why would they? This system has made it possible for them to lie, defraud, and cheat their way to millions or billions or whatever it is they have. It even handed over the highest office in the land — yea, in the world — to a cheap carnie man.

And that's out real problem. Actually a two-pronged problem. What is wrong with our country that "free enterprise" means freedom to lie, cheat, and defraud?  What is wrong with our political system that allows a cheap crook to grab the golden ring?

Instead of wasting our time hanging on Trump's meaningless gestures and words regarding legislation, foreign policy, and other matters of state, we have to focus on these issues. We have to fix our country. We have to fix our financial system and our political sytem.

In order to focus on what counts, we all have to get it through our heads: Trump doesn't matter! I have been saying for weeks that we have to stop inflating his importance. Let's turn our energies to fixing our system.

David Brooks describes Trump well as "... a man who is a political pond skater — one of those little creatures that flit across the surface, sort of fascinating to watch, but have little effect as they go." Brooks: Pond-Skater President

Just forget Trump is president. He isn't. He isn't even trying to be. He just goes through some motions and some switcharoos so as to keep the con in place. Watch only for the pleasure of seeing him get caught by law enforcement. He who steals and defrauds generally gets caught and jailed. So it's fine to watch the Russian scandal unfold and the investigations proceed against Trump &Co. Sure, go ahead and "follow the money". That's what brought Nixon down in Watergate.

But, please, no more knickers-in-a-twist about Trump the pseudo-president. Pointless anxiety isn't good for health. I have reiterated since the election how little he can actually do of the harm he threatened. And I was right; he isn't doing those harms in any substantial way.

Instead of knickers-twisting, we must focus on how we can fix our systems, both our financial one and our political one. And read the Egan and Brooks pieces I have cited here. Take them seriously.

And, yes, there will be a quiz.Your score on the quiz and on the real challenges we now face will determine the future of our society and our country. And that of your family.

So it's actually more than a quiz.

It's a test.

It's the test.

P.S. I'll be suggesting ways we can fix our financial and political systems. You think of ways too.  Nobody is going to jump up and do this for us. Or they would already have done so and we wouldn't be in this situation. We can do this. Because we have to. Si, se puedes. Yes, we can!

 White House of Grifters  timothy egan nyt 4-28-17, says it's all about the family making money


  1. I agree 100%. Wish I had found your blog long ago. It's like reading my own thoughts except without the anger that I can't seem to control or hide when I write about...him.

    1. Glad you like this, Sara. I'll be writing more often but right not have been slowed down by medical issue. Maybe no writing for a couple of weeks. I think we're going to have to wait a bit anyway for the investigations to bear fruit. Also he's running out of steam. Because he never cared about governing. Mail like yours makes me so encouraged. We're going to be all right! Take care!