Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'm Happy! Trump Is Just An Ignorant, Frightened Man Behind a Screen.

I know that conventional wisdom says that no one wants to read good news. So I'm probably losing some readers by daring to say that there is some good news.

I'm not kidding.

For one thing, Trump isn't Hitler. He could have been. He had all the right moves going for him in the beginning, such as trying to discredit the intelligence services and even intimidate them. Same moves on the media.

I'm happy to say the media and the intelligence communities came after him with vigor. Undeterred by fear of the bully boy. I'm proud of them. They will be on his case and weave his burial shroud. In fact, a couple of more "lines of inquiry" about Trump & Co. were announced this week by the intelligence agencies.

I'm also proud of the Americans who have stopped supporting him.  Who admit they regret voting for him. It's a pretty wonderful bunch of people who can say, "We're wrong.  We made a mistake."

And I dearly love the ever-so-red Congressional District in Kansas that came within 7 points of turning Democratic in a special election last Tuesday. Bad things happen to an incumbent or his party that has held a seat a long time and yet can't keep a challenger below 40% of the vote. The bad thing being they are likely to lose the next time. In fact statistics guy Nate Silver says that if all GOP Congressional seats perform in 2018 as this lovely Kansas district just did, the Democrats will then hold 321 seats of the 438! Yeah, yeah, I know what you're saying: "In your dreams!" But Silver isn't saying that's what will happen in 2018; he's just indicating the scale of the anti-Trump voting in dear Kansas on Tuesday.

The environment will be okay too. It isn't just us tree-huggers who are trying to take care of Mother Earth. I read this week that the new museum of coal mining in Kentucky is using solar power. I fell out of my chair laughing. Trump, you old fool, fossil fuels are toast!

And I dearly love even the rotten and otherwise awful Freedom Caucus for telling Trump and Paul Ryan what they can do with their replacement for Obamacare. The words "moon" and "doesn't shine" come to mind.

And I rejoice in Trump being so stupid that he's less likely to be able to do much of anything. His latest: threatening the Democrats that they better come across with what he wants in healthcare or he will take steps to assure the immediate collapse of Obamacare. The fool! The Democrats will feel sorry for anyone who thereby loses his/her health insurance, but they will rejoice as they watch Trump and Ryan and the rest of the GOP take the blame for pushing 24 million Americans off their health insurance.

Trump sure doesn't understand politics. Once he and Ryan took on the overturning of Obamacare and framed an alternative, the health insurance issue is and remains THEIRS. Any changes they make will carry their fingerprints. And their footprints, for that matter.

On the foreign front: Will 59 missiles and an MOAB save Trump with the electorate? A bit, but not for long. The American memory is about two weeks in duration. Trump had his fun being a "tough guy", and he distracted the media from the Russians-messing-in-our-election issue, but the distraction is only for a bit. Lawrence O'Donnell and I actually think the missiles/MOAB may have been done just as a distraction and as a way to suggest that Trump is not now and never has been a Putin puppet.

Okay, so there's the question of North Korea. In the 60 years (yawn) that we have been waltzing around with North Korea, these crises come up every few years when the N. Koreans are bored or starving or in need of headlines. The question is not war or no war. The question is "What do they want this time?" They are panhandlers.

Have a happy and a hopeful Easter/Passover or whatever is your happy day. We all deserve a happy time because Trump is not only not Hitler. He's also not a wizard; he's just like an old man I used to know, a rather rotund old man behind a curtain manipulating some lighting and sound effects.

I remember Trump's ilk, because my name is Dorothy and I sure have been to Oz before! Trump's a bad man, and even worse at playing wizard.

C'mon, Toto. Let's go have some supper. And then some ice cream. It's Spring and things are going to be all right.

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