Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trump's 100-Day Score

Trump's score at 100 days is 0.

He's accomplished nothing except negatives, e.g. roiling the foreign policy scene so as to give everyone indigestion.

He has not filled the appointments needed to run government.

He has failed to keep his word on anything he promised.

His appointment of a Supreme Court Justice has to be credited to Sen. Mitch McConnell's ruthless and unpatriotic willingness to deprive Obame of the appointment for a year and then up-end the Senate filbuster rules.

He has no legislative accomplishments.

He has blown all his political capital.

He has the lowest poll rankings for a new president ever.

He is the first president to be under investigation for disloyalty to this country. Three investigations actually. And the first to be under investigation for any reason this early in his administration.

His wife won't live with him and hates for him to touch her. (Her flinching was constantly noticeable  at his inauguration ball when they were dancing.)

In addition to a salary, he's figured out how to make money off the government while president by using his presidential presence on frequent weekends at his Florida resort to promote business. Likewise, the various other Trump holdings.

He lies about everything.

He relentlessly displays his ignorance.

He wears bad makeup, including that white stuff around his eyes.

His hair.

He brags about molesting women.

He advocates violent repression of political dissent.

He chums with racists and anti-Semites and other disgusting people.

He flaunts executive orders he has dashed off that are toothless.

He issued a travel ban that the courts hooted at. He had it rewritten and still got laughed out of court.

Best of all, he misplaced a battleship.

He makes George W appear wise by comparison and Nixon appear honest.


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