Monday, April 24, 2017

More Failures for Trump's 100 Day Scorecard!

So much failure to remember. So few days (only 100) to remember it all. Last week I posted a Trump scorecard that listed 0 achievements and lots of failures. Trump's 100-Day Score.  But I forgot some. Here they are.

Do you remember others?

He has done nothing to investigate the Russian influence in our 2016 election.
He's surrounded himself with a crew of those-who-played-footises-with Russians, including his son-in-law.
He had a computer server in his Tower offices connected to a Russian bank.
He refuses to release his fed tax returns so we can see conflicts of interest.
He has White House staff play middle of the night hide-and-seek with House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes to supposedly pass "secret information" about Obama eavesdropping on Trump.
Two of his cronies have had to excuse themselves from their duties for misconduct. Nunes has left his work on the Intelligence investigation and Attorney General Sessions has recused himself from the intelligence agencies' investigation of possible Trump & Co collusion with the Russians in tipping the election against Clinton.
People drop out of his administration faster than they get appointed. Two dozen new appointees have left, an average of one a week! It's mayhem! Keystone Cops! Laurel and Hardy! The Marx Brothers! Clown car! 

All because a few thousand people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan made a mistake last November.


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