Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Good Gray Democrats of San Luis County

You've got to love San Luis Obispo County of California.  It's beautiful.  And especially you have to love a Democratic Club centered there.  The members are mostly gray-haired but doggedly determined to win this one for Obama,  just as my three Democratic friends are here in Central Pennsylvania.  My friend Nancy is (like me) flirting with being 80 years old, as are many of her club members.  That is not slowing them down one bit!

On the night of the debate, they gathered to watch it together.  Nancy brought guacamole, the first time she had ever tried making it.  Everybody liked it a lot.

But how did they like the debate?

They thought Obama did a fine job of explaining his side of things.  And they thought Romney came off as something of a wild man.  Of course, the media hadn't had a chance yet to tell them that Obama had "lost" the debate.

Perhaps because they are elders, they don't let anybody  -  including the media  -  tell them how to think.  They trust themselves.  After all, they've seen a lot of campaigns and candidates.  They've seen a lot of people generally.  They know how to sniff out a phoney.

So the morning after the debate, Nancy reported at the Democratic headquarters for her usual stint.  And  -  lo and behold!  -  "a lot of people came in to get Obama yard signs."  When Nancy says "a lot", it really is a lot.  (We've been pals for 61 years, and I can assure you she's not an exaggerator like I am.)  She was rather astonished, to say the least, because by then she had heard the media's post-debate obituary for Obama.

All through the dark times of the past four years, these good gray Democrats have kept plugging away for their man in the White House.  They have brought in speakers and invited the public.  They have done voter registration.  They have written letters to the editor.  They have made phone calls to voters registered as "decline to state".  And  -  above all  -  they have opened a headquarters.  THAT is a big achievement for a grassroots group.

Especially in San Luis Obispo County, which is agribusiness heaven and is ultra-conservative.  Nancy and her Democratic associates are battling in a really tough area.  So hats off to the South County Democratic Club for getting TWO headquarters opened in San Luis County!

Well, you say, what's the point?  Isn't California already bagged for Obama?

Think again.  Be smart like Nancy's group.  Sure, it's Obama who is their inspiration, but they also have their eyes on the down-ticket.  They want a Democrat to win in their newly-redistricted Congressional seat.  They have lived under GOP domination of public offices for a long, long time and now see a chance to finally have some representation of their own.  A good turnout for Obama will help the whole Democratic ticket there and nationally.  And maybe  -  just maybe  -  help win back the 25 seats we need to regain the House.  Wouldn't it be nice to give Obama a House of Representatives that represented more than the crazies?

Like the brave elderly Democrats of San Luis, keep your eyes on the prize.  Don't let the post-debate yelling and the probably short-lived wobbling in the polls deflate your energy.  We CAN do this thing!  For Obama and the House and the Senate.  Just march along with Nancy's Democratic Club.  They may be using canes and walkers, but they will be hard to keep up with.


(Hold on, Mitt. I'll get to you in a minute  -  as I always do  -  about your tax returns.  But first....)
Hey, folks!  Help free the Dems of Nancy's 23rd district by contributing to their candidate Lois Capps.  Incumbent Capps is being targeted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its millions.  Taking in Nancy's area has cut Capps' Democratic edge dangerously.  Free the good gray Democrats of San Luis!  Help win back the House! Just google "Lois Capps campaign" and send her some bucks.
Now, Mitt, it's your turn so listen up:   FREE THOSE TAX RETURNS, MITT!  Or we're coming after you, canes and all!

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