Saturday, October 20, 2012

Romney to Destroy America the Beautiful & Not By Singing

The worst thing Romney wants to do is virtually a secret.  He wants to take our land  -  your land and my grandkids' land  -  and give it to his business buddies for commercial exploitation and destruction.  The media has paid no attention to his open statements that this is his intention.

If he is elected, you can just kiss goodbye to the America we love.

Say goodbye to about 700 MILLION ACRES of YOUR LAND now federally-held on behalf of all of us. That's ONE-THIRD of the entire acreage of the U.S.  And Romney wants to give most of it to big business. His proposed gift parcel to big business?  

---  YOUR 155 national forests and 20 grasslands, all 59 MILLION ACRES of them

---  YOUR fish and game reserves

---  YOUR 144,000 miles of wilderness trails    

---  YOUR  544 national wildlife refuges

---   ALL the plant and animal species that reside in these protected places

---   ALL the streams and rivers that are protected from bad logging and mining practices      

---   ALL the federally-held buffer areas around our national parks

---   ALL the Native American lands held in conjunction with the federal government

---   ALL the historic, archaeological and Native American sacred sites protected by federal jurisdiction

---   ALL the grazing and timber lands now managed by the Bureaus of Land Management, Agriculture, Forestry, Reclamation, and Fish and Wildlife

---   A LOT of our coastal areas and waterways now managed by the Corps of Engineers and the above agencies

----  VAST desert holdings of the U.S. military that could suddenly be deemed "surplus"

---   AND  the NATIONAL PARKS!  Maybe he can't unilaterally end federal ownership of them as he can of our other prized places, but he can certainly open them to all the commercialization and bad land use practices that took almost a century to end, such as sheep grazing on the floor of Yosemite Valley!

Romney has stated that "the federal government doesn't need" these lands and that he wants "to give them back to the states".  Those are the two most false and most stupid things he has ever said, and he has said plenty of false and stupid things.

It is WE who "need" these federal lands.  Of course, a government doesn't "need" them, not the way WE need them.  They are OUR lands, our breathing room, our America the Beautiful, not the government's.  The federal government is just taking care of our land for us  -  and thank God it is!

And as for "giving the land back to the states"?  You're dead wrong on that one, Romney.  The ownership of the land from which states were created remained with the federal government except for that which the federal government thereafter granted to the states.  What the hell do you think the old term "land grant colleges" means, Mr. Romney?  It refers to the federal government granting land to the states for colleges in the 1800s, i.e.  we have always regarded the physical territory of the United States as being originally in federal ownership.  That's how come it was the fed  -  NOT the states  -   doing the land grants to the railroads, Mitt, in order to get the transcontinental railroad built.  Don't you know any American history?

So don't give us that crap about giving something "back to the states".  That's what your Minutemen westerners and Tea Party kooks and big-business friends want to believe.  That somehow the states originally owned the land.  They are an ignorant, self-interested bunch, but you went to law school and should know better.  Your legal theory is just crap!

What would follow Romney's election would be even worse crap!  Do you, my friends, believe for one minute that the western states, where much federal land lies, would protect those lands from bad practices in mining, timbering, and over-grazing?  Would keep now-pristine wilderness areas free of roads and development?  Would spend the dollars to maintain the trails used by folks from all over the country?  Would control over-fishing and over-hunting?  Would restore the wolves and other predators necessary to ecological balance?  Would protect the habitats of endangered species?  Would even have the resources to fight massive forest fires?  Well, California might.  But certainly not Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas, etc.

Come on!  If you believe the western states would not be handmaidens to timbering, oil, mining, cattle and agribusinesses, and the building industries, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.  And I got title to that bridge just the same way the states would be "getting their land back"!  It's ALL a ruse!  And don't tell me that a president can't de-federalize federal lands all by himself without Congress.  Don't you bank on that, kiddo!  

Please, please, be sure Obama wins.  If you don't care about what makes America the Beautiful, our children sure do.  Did you ever meet a kid who wasn't thrilled by a trip to our great outdoors?  Are you going to let the children be ripped off of one of life's greatest treasures?

And what better way to hasten the destruction of the planet than allow the destruction of America's forests and grasslands?  The air that crosses America comes out cleaner of carbon dioxide on our eastern shore than when it entered on our western shore.  It's the TREES and GRASSLANDS, baby!  The great forests aren't all in South America, Russia, and Africa.  One of the greatest of all is right here!

These last weeks are our last chance.  It's the last chance for America the Beautiful.  Romney has already ruined the song.  Don't let him ruin the actual land we love.  Please.


So, Romney, how much of YOUR income is from businesses that would benefit from exploitation of OUR lands?  Is that why you hide your business info? You wanna get your hand further into OUR cookie jar? Just show us those tax returns, buddy boy!

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