Saturday, October 13, 2012

Desperate Ann Romney Begs At My Back Door

This is weird but wonderful.

Ann Romney is here in Central Pennsylvania at a private fund-raiser.  This late in the game!  And she will make no public appearances while here.  Only the wealthy will get a glimpse of Annie.

This tells us that a couple of polls showing Pennsylvania once more being a toss-up are just wrong.  If Romney had a chance here, Ann would be going out among the voters in this highly GOP area.

No, she just wants the money.  And she has to be pretty desperate to want it from here.  This ain't no Beverly Hills or Boca Raton!  This is an impoverished though beautiful mountain region of tiny villages and one sort-of city:  Altoona.  Once the home of the mighty Pennsy railroad, Altoona is now almost a ghost town.  Any "big" money here is just very small potatoes.  It will likely cost the Romney campaign as much to come here as they will raise.

The local TV new reporter was embarrassed at having to announce Ann Romney would be here but was snubbing the public.  He knew this was a terrible "dis" on the home area.

Back in 2008, Pennsylvania was up for grabs deep into the campaign.  Obama came here several times, once to State College  -  home of Penn State  -  where tens of thousands waited hours to see him.  He was also here in the 2008 primaries, rolling that pathetic bowling attempt in Altoona while Hilary was somewhere throwing back shots of whiskey.  (You gotta love American politics!)

But nobody comes to Altoona to raise money! That's like asking a drowning man for a drink of water. It's silly!

It's desperate!

Meantime  -  THANKS TO YOU!  -  Obama collected $181 MILLION in September,  almost all in small contributions.  Eat your heart out, Annie!

And take your begging bowl elsewhere.  Or at least go bowling while you're here.

P.S.  Hey, folks!  Don't forget that, while  the Romney campaign seems short on bucks, the GOP super pacs are now starting to pour money into Ohio.  So keep giving to Obama, you wonderful people you!


Hey, Mitt!  Since you and Ann have a "traditional" marriage, why don't you keep her at home looking for your tax returns?  They gotta be there somewhere in one of your five "homes".  She's wasting her time in Altoona, but we STILL want those tax returns!


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