Friday, October 5, 2012

7.8 % AT LAST! And That's The Election!

Feeling down about the debate?


Several new numbers today clearly show the debate is small potatoes in the bigger picture of who's winning and losing.


That's the headline we've been yearning for a long, long time.  It is BELOW the GOP's beloved 8%.  It really kicks the stool out from under Romney's central claim that Obama has failed to improve the economy.  That was Romney's whole ball game.  And it's over!

Somehow 7.8 is just so much smaller than 8.1 in people's perception.  That's why retailers love pricing at $1.99 versus $2.  But what really counts is that now there is unarguably a downward trend in unemployment.  No wonder 57% of voters have recently rated the economic outlook as being better !  They could sense it even before that 7.8!

Other joyous numbers today:      

-----  30,000 turned out for the Obama rally yesterday in Madison, Wisconsin.  That's the first time we have seen a 2008-sized crowd this year, and it was the day AFTER the debate.  By contrast, Romney drew only 10,000 at a Virginia rally the day after his supposed debate triumph.

----- Obama's job approval rating has shot up to 54% in Gallup's just-released tracking poll! That's the highest it's been since the honeymoon period in early '09, and it's a 10-point leap from just a few weeks ago.  Note also that it is OVER 50%!  It's a WINNING number!

 -----Obama had a terrific September in fund-raising!  The exact figure hasn't been released but the major dailies are reporting this morning that it's between $114 and $150 million!  Even better news is that Obama's 2012 campaign has received TEN MILLION small donations.  That's a hell of a lot of grass-roots support!

-----Contrary to the pundits' total hysteria over Obama's debating, he hung at least two key things on Romney that did not slide off the Tower of Jello.  One was Romney's support for replacing Medicare with a voucher system.  Romney did not slide out from that but defended it in the debate.  The second was the craziness of Romney's tax plan, that it just doesn't add up.  Romney baldly lied about it, then accused the President of lying like Romney's sons.  (Nice family, that one.)  But it was clear that Romney was contradicting what he had just said on "60 Minutes" a couple of weeks ago.  Lots of people watch "60 Minutes", and Romney has set himself up for "Liar of the Year" award from the media and the voters.

-----So stop buying into the "Debate Debacle" nonsense.  Get up from your chair and GET TO WORK.  Hit those streets and hit those phones.  Obama is fighting on after the exasperation of punching at a column of smoke for 90 minutes of debate.  Go, thou, and do likewise!  This election is in YOUR hands.  The votes for Obama are still there, and they are enough to win.  BUT WE HAVE TO GET THOSE VOTERS TO THE POLLS!


Yes, Mitt, you combed your hair to look taller for the debate, as my friend Joyce noted.  But no matter how tall your hair, you can't hide your tax returns in it.  Let's have those returns, buddy!  And how 'bout some truth about your self-enriching proposed tax "reform"?        


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