Sunday, October 28, 2012

In the Face of Two Storms

We are dead center target here in Central Pennsylvania for the meeting of three weather systems:  Hurricane Sandy,  the cold rain storm now arriving from the west, and a mass of Arctic air moving in on us from the north.  Lucky us.

If the power goes out here in our rural, wooded area,  this blog and I may be silenced for a while.  But it took three storm systems combined to do it!  It's not so easy to put a sock in a grandma's mouth!

There's another storm coming too.  The election.  We will be tossed and pummeled by all kinds of rumors and rumors of rumors, especially bad polls.  Like the one being trumpeted today on the Sunday morning talk shows.  It was done by a firm hired by a consortium of newspapers in Ohio, a firm I never heard of.  It shows a tie of 49-49.  In polling, like a lot of things, you get what you pay for.  Newspapers have little money these days, so they probably went cheap and thus got a flawed result.

Compare that with the ABC/Washington Post poll this weekend that shows Obama leading in Ohio by 51 to 46.  And compare the bank accounts of ABC and the Washington Post with the moola of some unnamed newspapers in Ohio.  You get the point.

Obama holds steady in the storm.  (He's that kind of guy.)  He still leads Romney in all the swing states, except North Carolina and Florida, which of course belong to the Old South, poor things.

Nate Silver and other analysts still give Obama a better than two-to-one chance of beating Romney in the electoral college and by a percent or two in the national vote even though the polls say otherwise about the national vote.

The reputed tie in the national polling (if it really exists) is apparently due to something that escapes the hysterical pundits.  Romney's numbers have risen in states he had already locked up and risen in some states, including California, where Obama has such a huge lead that he will still win the state without the defectors to Romney.  Undoubtedly Obama is doing less well in California this year than in 2008 because California still has an unemployment rate over 12%.

For any of you who are feeling tossed by the political storm, don't be.

For those of you in the path of Mama Nature's storm, I wish you well.  Stay high and dry, and let's all hope and pray that we don't lose the electricity!

On the other hand, no electricity means no TV and no computer  nor any faulty polls or drama-craving pundits.  On the other hand, it also means no lights, no heat, no cup of coffee in the morning. Argh!


Speaking of lack of electricity, you're still keeping us in the dark about your tax returns, Mitt.  That's a joke, boy!  You're not the only one who has a really lame idea of humor!        

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