Monday, May 15, 2017

I Was Wrong About Trump. HE'S A DANGEROUS TRAITOR!

(Note: White House officials are now denying this happened. But can we ever trust them again? And who will our allies and our intelligence sources believe? The wording of the denial is the same non-denial/denial word game the Nixon White House played. Analysis The White House isn’t denying that Trump gave Russia classified information — not really )

So help me God, I started this post this morning before we knew about Trump giving classified information to the Russians. I used the same title, i.e. "I Was Wrong About Trump", referring to posts a couple of weeks ago:Why We No Longer Need Impeach Trump Nor Want To  and I'm Happy! Trump Is Just An Ignorant, Frightened M...

Now I have to admit I was wrong, and now add: "HE'S A DANGEROUS TRAITOR."

My text had originally begun with the following, "Sen. Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) appeared Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and spoke the essential truth: 'I think we ought to get to the bottom line here. President Trump is dangerous'.” Opinion The amateurish autocrat E.J Dionne Washington Post. 5-15-17. He was talking about Trump destroying our government.

We are beyond that now. We are beyond the danger Trump poses to our constitutional democracy and the rule of law. He is now endangering our national security and our safety.

His disclosures to the Russians in the Oval Office last week have destroyed one of our key secret sources of intelligence in the Middle East which was focused on ISIS, so important a source as to have warned us about bombs being put in laptops to be carried on planes.

He has also destroyed the confidence of all our sources of intelligence because they see now that can't trust us to keep our president's big mouth shut. He even gave the Russians the city in Syria where our source is located, that being sufficient information for Russia to figure out who our source is.

God help that poor agent, if he or she isn't already dead and the Russians perceive a threat to their Syria agenda.

If the GOP Senators don't take action now about Trump, they too are traitors.

If you think I am being melodramatic and if you have any aging relatives who worked in intelligence, ask them about this incident.

Here's the Washington Post story that just was published revealing Trump's act of treason: Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian diplomats

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