Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump's Pushing and His Montana Man's Body-Slamming.

 Only six month ago, this is what our president and vice-president were like. They didn't shove or attack people. Their hands were for comforting, for greeting, for support.

Contrast with Trump yesterday at NATO in the moment of shoving the leader of Montenegro out of his way so that he — the almighty Trump — can be in the front of the group picture. and scroll to see the pushing in progress)

J.K. Rowling said of this atrocious moment, "You tiny, tiny, tiny little man."

Brave little Montenegro and its leader had defied Russia in order to join NATO. This was the first meeting of NATO Montenegro attended. Here Trump steps in for Russia and pushes Montenegro around. No wonder Trump admires Russia. It too is a bully-boy.

Our revulsion at his violence and bullying in politics will be Donald Trump's signature legacy as president. 

During the campaign he encouraged his followers to beat up on protesters and the news media. As of Wednesday night that's exactly what the GOP candidate in Montana did. He body-slammed a reporter and pummeled him ..... for asking questions! 70% of the vote had already been cast, so he paid no price at the polls. He is, however, headed to court on a criminal charge of misdeamenor assault. But that doesn't right this wrong! Throwing him out of office next year is also required.

He was smothering one of our freedoms. Asking questions is what the press does in a democracy. Freedom of the press certainly includes freedom from being beat up by the politicos. We have got to protect the press because freedom of the press is our freedom. It's our freedom to know.

At almost the same time as this disgrace in Montana, Donald Trump — the instigator of bullying in politics — was shoving the leader of Montenegro. 

I never thought that I would live to see violence like this in American politics. What's next? Brown Shirts? Jack-boots. Goose-stepping?

We have to get rid of this and not just from the arena of politics. We have to get rid of the support it has in 30% of our people, based in their ignorance and hate-filled resentment and racism. The healing of these people will take time, but unless we rid ourselves of the disgusting and dangerous examples of Trump and that Montana man, the job of purging it from our society will get only harder.

Our presidents all the way back through my 81 years have never behaved like Trump. They were all good and classy men. We could be proud of them. Let's look again at the opening picture of the leadership that was ours just six months ago.

I feel like calling out to them as they go through the door, "No wait! Don't go! We desperately need you!"

I am broken-hearted this evening. Can we ever set this right?

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