Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fool Me Twice? Is the Krushner Story a Russian Hoax?

Maybe you too have wondered for a moment about the validity of the story that Trump's son-in-law wanted a covert channel to the Kremlin via the equipment in the Russian embassy. After all, we apparently know about this because the Russian ambassador in D.C. told Moscow about it via the Russian embassy equipment while the US was listening in. 

Did the Russian ambassador plant the story in order to throw our wildly confused government into even greater disarray? 

We know the Russians fed then-FBI director James Comey a fake report last summer, claiming the then-Attorney General had secretly pledged Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for her email carelessness and violation of rules. As a result, Comey felt obliged to exclude the Attorney General from the Clinton matter and on his own hook announced Clinton had been careless but nothing more. 

You know the rest: he rescinded that conclusion when he found out that some of her emails had been forwarded to the laptop of her aide's disgusting and perverted husband, he of the unfortuante but apt name of Anthony Weiner. Even though the investigation closed again a few days before the election, the Hillary forces maintain the non-fruitful reopening cost her the election.  (See footnote as to this being incorrect.)

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Has Russia fooled us again? 

Two things made me wonder. First, why are we only learning of the Krushner matter now? It supposedly happened last December 1 or 2. Since we monitor the Russian embassy constantly (that's how the FBI caught Michael Flynn), why has this even more startling Kushner story taken so long to emerge? It consists of what the Russian ambassador supposedly relayed to the Kremlin, i.e. we have only his word for it as far we now know.

Second, why would the Russian ambassador relay the story to the Kremlin via equipment he surely knew was tapped? If he didn't already suspect it, he damn well should have. He is tightly enough wrapped into the Russian espionage establishment to know that we monitor all the embassy communications. Discussing Kushner's proposal on monitored equipment makes it seem that the ambassador  wanted us to know what Kushner was up to.

In politics you always ask why? Why does the other guy do something. What does he want? Why would Russia feed us a fake story making us think the worst of the family member closest to the president and virtually in charge of everything going on in the Oval Office?

That question sort of answers itself. To sow discord, suspicion and distress in rival goverments is a pretty effective thing to do. Look at the mileage the Russians got from hacking the Democratic National Committee and playing into the Clinton email mess. The United States, the world's oldest and strongest democracy, is now looking a bit punch-drunk.

I think there's some reason to be cautious about anything connected with Russia over which they had control, such as the control they had here in letting this story supposedly leak from their embassy-to-Kremlin comunications. They could have sent this information by diplomatic pouch and it would have been absolutely secure. So why was it going over a transmission system they knew we were monitoring?

Our problem is we don't really know what the Russian stakes are in their relationship with Trump. What's their ultimate goal? 

If it's to have the sanctions removed that are strangling the Russian economy, then their best course would seem to be to allow Trump sufficient status and credibility to remove those sanctions, not look like a dithering idiot in league with Russia as against US interests. 

Keeping Trump in power to undo the sanctions seems to me to be a far more valuable goal than making the Trump & Co cortege look bad. Why falsely make his son-in-law look like a traitor when you can use the son-in-law to rescue your country's economy and save Putin from being tossed out by a suffering populace?

Well, I know which road I'd take if I was Putin. 

But I'm not Putin. 

And I am really glad of that because I wouldn't want a ride like this!

Watch this video and get a good laugh! We need all the laughs we can get these days!   Putin on the Ritz
_______________FOOTNOTE: Clinton's loss of the presidency cannot be explained by Comey's opening and closing of the email investigation. Her poll numbers were sinking before he reopened the investigation. She was already toast. 

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