Thursday, September 13, 2012

Romney Shoots One Foot; Fox Shoots The Other

This will be a brief blog because I'm laughing too hard to type.

Having totally discredited himself on foreign diplomacy during his summer  trip abroad  -  by insulting every country he encountered  -  Romney didn't learn to leave it alone.  Instead he has jumped in on the Libya mess and disgraced himself to an even worse degree.  Hoping to capitalize politically on our country's travail, he instead seems like the guy who panics when something happens.  He's John McCann flapping around with his head off when the Crash began.  The contrast with Obama  -  so cool during the raid on Bin Laden  -  is stark.

The second wound Romney has just suffered comes from Fox News.  Its new poll shows Obama up by five points over the Nowhere Man.  It also answers Romney's question about "are you better off?" More accurately, it tells us what the voters' answer is:  42% say "Yes"; 15% say "Same".  Thus a clear majority reject the Romney contention that Obama has made things worse.  Romney's entire campaign message just died.  As I wrote last week, "It Is NOT the Economy, Stupid!"  (Oh, it's lovely to be right once in a while.)

And Obama's job approval?  Fox says it's now 50%.  That is the highest it's been for a long, long time in anybody's poll.

Fifty per cent is always a nice number.  Because it's so close to fifty-one.  And fifty-one per cent means EVERYTHING!

Enjoy the moment!

Neither wind nor rain nor snow nor sleet will make us forget about the tax returns, Mitt.  Nor is the media forgetting them.  What about just hand them over?  You know the song? "Let the sunshine in....."


  1. I LOVE reading your blog -- I'm headed to Great Britain for a month or so -- and might miss a few posts (hate smart-phones and will need net access). anyways. something i noticed. i was reading a forum where alot of conservatives bash obama daily. wouldn't you know -- i guess they are done with obama for now. their scorn is now directed at none other than -- ready? -- mr. 1% willard romney. HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS POSTED ABOUT BEING DISGUSTED WITH ROMNEY'S KNEE JERK REACTIONS -- aka LIBYA. as one posted ; "why no compassion for those who died mr romney? always trying to make political points bashing the prez....please go away".... i think white working class men and seniors are starting to gravitate to the man who will protect medicare and not raise their taxes. and by the way -- if you take out rasmussen polls-- obama leads in EVERY POLL -- and dems will keep the senate by one member. but like you have always said -- we must VOTE and get every dem to the polls as repubs will vote and vote and vote. if we do -- we will win and win BIG.

    1. Bon voyage, bennbenji! We'll miss you and your sharp stuff! Be sure to vote absentee before you go! Get in touch when you get back. And thanks for your info and also the nice comments. P.S. If Romney wins, stay in Great B and we''l all join you! Ta!