Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney & Ryan: The Real "Dependents"

Mitt Romney has just been revealed on video tape heaping scorn on the 47% of Americans who "pay no taxes", are "dependent" on the federal government, and will, he claims, vote for Obama because they want to keep the goodies coming.  He claims they aren't "taking responsibility for their lives."

What a nasty and untruthful man Romney is. As studies establish, the 47% are the elderly, the disabled, the can't-find-jobs, and the families trying to get by on just one-one thousandth a year of the annual income Romney has.  And they pay some taxes, even if not federal income taxes.  The sales tax, for example, takes a disproportionately bigger bite out of their meager funds than it does out of the Romneys and Ryans of this America.

But the biggest distortion in Romney's attack on the elderly, crippled and poor is his conveniently overlooking the real feeders at the public trough.

Like him.  He happily buys Cadillacs and dressage horses with his continuing earnings from Bain.  A big chunk of Bain's earnings comes from the giant hospital chain HCA, which has been over-billing Medicare for billions and billions of dollars. (See my postings on this topic on August 14th and 17th and the cited NY Times stories.)

The old and disabled, the crippled veterans, and the working poor can't compete with Romney's giant score in getting federal largesse!  Romney is the all-time trencherman at the trough!

And what we give to our poor, our elderly, our orphans, and struggling families, we give willingly and openly because we are a good people who take care of our neighbors.  What Romney is getting from us is by stealth and cheating.  It's also driving up the cost of Medicare and threatening its future existence for us old folks and you who will  -  I guarantee!  -  get old.

And what about Ryan?  As a high school kid and then a college student, he got Social Security benefits because his father had died.  He took the fed money even though his grandparents were rich. (He hadn't heard Romney's advice about ask your family for money.)  His family fortune was made by his great-grandaddy's road-building company.  Golly willikers!  Sure looks like government dollars, doesn't it?  And his current family income includes profits from BIG OIL!  The oil industry enjoys enormous federal subsidies and tax breaks.  Billions of dollars a year in federal subsidies are going to oil companies making billions of dollars every quarter at record-setting levels while the rest of us are struggling to pay $4 a gallon for gas!

One of the biggest and most profitable oil companies PAYS NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES!.

Instead, it pays over the money to Paul and Mrs. Ryan and their ilk.

That's YOUR money, gauged out of you at the gas pump or stolen from you by the oil companies shifting their tax liability to YOU!

Let's be clear.  Romney despises 47% of the American people.  That's about 150 million people.  Gosh, that's a lot of people to despise!  But it's okay:  Romney has been momentarily kind to a few people, as touted by his campaign.  That makes him "a kind and decent man", right?   Baloney!

The percentage figure that matters is not Romney's hate-targeted "47%".  The percentage figure to keep in mind is 1%.  Romney and the rich folks.  THAT 1%!  Occupy Wall Street tried to celebrate its one-year anniversary this week and got clobbered for it.  But it's okay.  OWC launched the "1% v. 99%" awareness that sparked off Obama's successful line-drawing with his campaign.

The numbers that count are still the same.  It's the 99% v. the 1%.  Our fight in this election is not just on behalf of the 47%. It is actually a fight on behalf of all of us.

So let's help our folks get to the polls.  They may be ground down by the struggle of being poor or sick, or they may be exhausted with holding two low-pay jobs to feed their families.  Let's give them a hand to get to the polls so that they can vote on OUR behalf.

Because, folks, I've got news for you.  Old age is coming to get you, illness can get anyone, and if the GOP takes over the government we are going to have an economic collapse that could impoverish the most well-off among you.  YOU are the 47%-in-waiting!


Come on, Mitt Romney, show us the tax returns!  Show us how much you have slopped off the public trough from Bain's HCA over-charges of Medicare.  Show us how much you have hidden overseas. SHOW US THE MONEY!



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