Friday, September 21, 2012

GOP Swarms the Lifeboats!

Romney is sinking the GOP luxury liner!  All across the board, GOP candidates for Senate are going down, down in the polls and separating themselves from Romney's ugly 47% attack.  GOP House candidates are also dodging away from him.

And his own campaign national vice-chairman has just jumped ship!

Tim Pawlenty SAYS he's leaving the vice-chair because he's got a new job.  Oh, sure.

Give us a break!  National vice-chair is mostly an honorary position.  Almost all so-called chairs and vice chairs hold down full-time positions elsewhere.

Chairs!  Romney just can't escape them, can he?  First, Clint Eastwood. Now Pawlenty.  It's almost as good as the dog tied to the roof of the car!

I'll bet Pawlenty is laughing to himself all the way out the door of the Romney campaign.  Back in the primaries he held his fire during a GOP debate when the moderator set it up for him to shred Romney on the ex-governor's Massachusetts health insurance mandate.  Pawlenty didn't go after Romney.  He was being SOOOO nice to Romney.  A lot of good it did him!  Romney passed over him for Veep after all!

But if Pawlenty is laughing he's the only one in the GOP doing so.  Even former-governor Tommy Thompson, now the GOP candidate for the Wisconsin Senate seat, is screaming bloody murder at Romney for taking away his lead. His Democratic opponent, Tammy Baldwin, has turned a 9% polling deficit into a 9 point lead! Go, girl!

All the swing states now give Obama a respectable lead, and all the close Senate seats are suddenly going Democratic.  Even Montana's gallant Democratic Senator Jon Tester has got a tiny lead in spite of being buried by outside GOP super pac bucks.

Thank you, Mitt Romney, for being the worst candidate ever.  Like the song says, "That's the nicest thing that anyone's ever done for me."  Or for the U.S. of A.

But Romney doesn't get all the credit.  Obama has been a very good president and is a very good man.  And he is  -  bless him!  -  a wonderful candidate.  His speech at the convention wasn't a soaring vision; it was better than that.  It was a reminder to us of why we are Democrats:  we care about people.  The Republicans care about money, mostly their own.  Big credit goes to the American public for recognizing this.  The crazies, the greedy and the haters make a lot of noise but they are not, and never will be, the majority of the American people.

We are not home free yet  -  by a long shot. But we are on the road, and we will see it through.  None of us are dumb enough to slack off now.  Volunteer to get out the vote.  Pass up that six pack of beer or that night out at the movies (it will be on Netflix).  Send the money to Obama.  DO IT NOW! The super pacs are still ready to pounce!

And send some money to Senator Jon Tester, our tractor-driving, hard-fighting guy out in Montana!  Don't let Citizens United's super pacs deprive him of his seat in the state that tried to get Citizens United overturned.  And it isn't just his seat.  And it isn't just Montana's. It's OURS.  It's also our majority in the Senate!

Together, we are not out-financed. We are not apathetic. The "enthusiasm gap" is gone!  Together, we are winning this damn thing! Can we bring it all home?

You bet your sweet seat cushion that YES WE CAN!


Hey, Mitt, Larry Flynt is offering a million smackers for a copy of your tax returns.  Why not get the reward yourself?  After all, you apparently really really really love money.  And you may need that million to help pay off the campaign debt you are heading for!  Go for it, Mitt!


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