Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bleeping Kansas and Racist Romney

No, that's not a typo for "Bleeding Kansas", the name Kansas earned in the bloody years just before the Civil War.

It's the name it now deserves for continuing the same old racist fight of the 1850s and the 1950s.  No one has "come to burn Lawrence just over the line", as the old song says of those guerilla warfare days 150 years ago. Kansas is doing a good job of ruining itself, of playing the racist version of anti-Obama. And worst of all, it tried to do this officially in the name of the whole bleeping state!

How? By keeping Obama's name off the ballot as a candidate for the presidency!  (You can't make this stuff up!)

This is looney-land to be sure. This past week the state's official elections board was demanding a "certified" copy of Obama's birth certificate on the grounds the one Obama has produced might be "a forgery".  And the board was entertaining the totally specious argument that citizenship requires both parents be citizens even if the person in question was born in the USA.  That legal argument isn't one. It's been rejected by all courts for 100 years. And as for the birth certificate being a forgery, what are they growing in Kansas besides corn?

Need I say that this Kansas elections board is entirely Republican and led by the man who helped design Arizona's ugly anti-immigration law?  Hate, hate, hate.  Apparently it's a fuel that is lots more potent than ethanol!  This guy is all over the map stirring up racism.  Happily, the courts have crimped his Arizona effort, and today the petitioner who filed the complaint to keep Obama off the ballot has just withdrawn his request.

But where was Mitt Romney?  He should have spoken out about this unAmerican effort to keep his opponent off the Kansas ballot and thus deny Kansas voters their right to chose their president.

Romney has joined the racist rage against Obama.  Let's just admit it.  Romney is not a "nice" man who is in over his head as a campaigner.  His "stumbles", "awkward jokes" and "oversights" are not just incompetent bumbling.  They are clearly calculated to signal his base that he's with them on the race issue.

Let's look at the big one.  This week he jumped into the Libya horror story, misstated the facts, and was thus deemed to have criticized Obama out of his own "lack of good judgment", especially as to his "timing."  Per the experts, he should just have waited a few days.

Oh, no.  That's not what was going on.  Romney DELIBERATELY said what he did.  He picked his time without regard to facts on purpose!  While things were still foggy, there was an opening for him to say that Obama (through the US embassy statement) had "sympathized" with the anti-American murderers.  That's the word Romney used:  "sympathized".  And he used it again the next morning even when the emerging facts had totally contradicted his version of events. (The embassy statement came before the murders.)

Romney doesn't care if his "timing" seemingly showed "poor judgment".  There are only a negligible number of undecided voters left to persuade. His only hope now is to get his base out to vote in numbers higher than the Democratic vote. Thus Romney was talking to his base and telling them PRECISELY what they want to hear.  He was "waving the bloody shirt" of those four dead Americans, alleging that Obama is not a good American but "the other":  Muslim sympathizer, Socialist, non-citizen, president by fraud, blah, blah. In fact, he's saying Obama is a traitor who supports  the killers of Americans. That ought to get the nut jobs out the door to vote!

So stop it, you people who say Romney is really a decent guy.  Open your eyes.  He's worse than a person who is racist by conviction.  He's CHOOSING racism for his own advancement.  That is so cold and calculated that he is far more evil than some benighted idiot who grew up ignorant and indoctrinated in racism.  And of you don't know the prior indicia of Romney's appeal to racism, you haven't been paying attention.

The whites of America are becoming the minority.  Some of them can't stand this.  Romney is leading them in this, their last-ditch battle against reality.  This is why his whole campaign has more than a whiff of the world of the 1950s.  Experts say this looking backward is a personal flaw in Romney.  No, it's a calculated campaign strategy.  The 1950s:  the Cleavers were white, Jim Crow was still king, and Rosa Parks was still in the back of the bus.

Mitt Romney knows exactly what he's doing.

The only question is whether the Democrats will be so outraged as to get off their duffs and vote. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished because this campaign is a struggle for the soul of America.


Romney, you can run (for the presidency) but you can't hide (your tax returns).  We can't forget them. No we can't.



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