Monday, September 3, 2012

Better Off? YES WE ARE!

Romney poses the question "Are you better off than you were four years ago?"  To quote another GOP luminary:  You betcha!

Let's us count the ways Obama has benefitted America (in no particular order).  Much of this he had to do on his own because of the GOP House blocking him many of his efforts.

1.  The auto industry is alive and well.  It was near death's door four year's ago. A million jobs saved!    

2.  Our financial system is stable.  It was crashing four years ago.

3.  Bin Laden is dead, as is most of the Al Queda leadership.

4.  Four and a half million jobs have been added in four years, more than in eight years of George W.

5.  The housing market has turned around.

6.   Personal income has risen.

7.  You can get health insurance even if you have a serious pre-existing condition.  And no more cap       on your coverage!

8.  Millions more children have health coverage through CHIPS, as do the under-26s because of the      
Affordable Health Care Act.  And millions more Americans will get coverage in just over a year!


10. We are getting out of Afghanistan, with another 33,000 troops coming home this fall.

11. Student loans are cheaper because of the removal of the intervening private lenders and the cutting of interest rates.

12. Almost one million undocumented young people are not going to be deported.

13. Native Americans are getting billions in oil/gas royalties previously stolen from them.

14. TWENTY BILLION dollars from BP, as demanded by Obama, is going into Gulf Coast          

15. Women can more easily get equal pay for equal work because of the Lilly Ledbetter Act.

16. Seniors are saving big bucks on RXs because the new health care act plugs half the "donut hole".

17. TWENTY-NINE straight months of job growth, while deficit-cutting Europe drifts down, down.

18.  Larger pay checks for our families with Obama's "payroll tax holiday."

19.  TWENTY-FIVE MILLION acres of coral reefs protected off the Atlantic Coast in a new preserve.

20.  A new anti-nuclear weapon treaty with Russia.

21.  The stock market has more than doubled and is back to pre-Crash levels.

22.  Corporate profits are high.  (Well, some folks rejoice in that.)

23.  The bad aspects of No Child Left Behind and its "teach-to-the-test" have been alleviated.

24.  The "green" industries of the future are growing lustily after getting a boost from the feds.


26.  Better regulation of Wall Street has been enacted and future bank bailouts are barred.

27.  Consumers are better protected from credit card lenders.

28.  Billions are going into repairing and upgrading our roads and bridges.  (Job, jobs, jobs!)

29.  Global warming to be lessened by enormous reduction in gasoline consumption due to Obama's       imposing higher mileage requirements on auto makers.

30.  Doubling of Pell grants.

31.  Big increases in veterans' benefits, plus an Obama jobs-for-vets program that's cutting vets' unemployment.

32.  A little African-American boy asked the President if he could touch his hair.  In that touch a whole generation of brown-skinned children set aside any feelings of inferiority whites might try to impose on them.  They now know that any child can indeed grow up to be president.

Maybe this last thing on the list was the best thing of all.  Sure, Obama's being president has stirred up the racist nuts, but it has also shown the children of this country, brown AND white, a path forward away from racism. There should be no going back.

So are we going forward by helping re-elect Obama?



I may have forgotten some of Obama's achievements, but we haven't forgotten those Romney tax returns  You hear that, Mr. Romney?!


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