Thursday, September 20, 2012

Romney Cooked The Books and Is Going Broke?

Romney's campaign is out of money?  Did we beat him at his own game?

The big business guy who flaunted his fund-raising achievements this summer actually doesn't have the money he claimed he'd raised.  He cooked the books!  Much of the money he's claimed for his campaign was actually earmarked for the Republican National Committee to support Congressional campaigns, and Romney CAN'T TOUCH IT.  You can read the grisly details in a New York Times story on September 19: "Romney Campaign Cautious With Ad Budget, Even in Key States."

The Romney campaign being "cautious" is because Romney folks can see the bottom of the pot.  In fact, virtually all that's maintaining their effort now is super pac money.  And, guess what!  There doesn't seem to be as much of that as Rove & Co. once boasted.  As the NYT points out, Obama is outspending Romney on ads almost 2 to 1 in the battleground states, even counting Romney's super pac funding.  If Romney and his super pacs have lots of moola, they have sure picked a strange way to use it  -  or not use it  -  in a campaign.  If they are sitting on millions and millions and millions, when are they going to spend it and on what?  Christmas?

Another sign Romney is having trouble with funding:  the campaign is buying ad time only a week at a time. By contrast, the Obama campaign has just booked another $40 million in air time through to the election.  That's the smart way to do it.  As anyone knows who has bought air time, buying it in dribs and drabs isn't smart.  You have to pay higher rates, for one thing.  Worse is that by the time you get around to buying more, all the good air time is gone.  Spots at 3 a.m. aren't really too great.  And Romney is paying a higher rate for ads now because super pacs don't get the deep discount that campaigns do.

Is this any way to run a business?

Romney's aides claim they are just spending "smartly and efficiently".

Really?  Can someone explain to me how?  It doesn't add up. (Also the aide is misusing the word "smartly". It  means "quickly", not "cleverly".  Romney just lost the word-lovers' votes!)

So Romney has been lying about money for months.  Yet he wants us to trust him regarding his tax returns and his economic plans and his tax reform plan.  But he isn't at all trustworthy about money, is he?  Having lied about the money he raised for his campaign, did he also lie to those he persuaded to invest in companies that Bain then took into bankruptcy?  One does wonder.  Was it at Bain that he learned the "creative accounting" that's misrepresented how much campaign money he's got?

But the really fun question for now is:  Why has Romney hit the wall financially in his campaign?  Why did this super-hyped, money-raising-machine stumble into the gutter?

Because of YOU!

YOU beat Romney in the money-raising game!  Romney got most of his money from the $5000 per couple crowd.  Those donors cannot legally give him any more.  But you gave Obama $3 and $30 and $100 and therefore can  -   and do  -   keep on giving.  And there are so many Obama supporters contributing, our smallish donations add up big-time.

Poor Mitt Romney. He doesn't have a million supporters mailing him their widow's mite and the coins from between the couch cushions.  And he's run out of posh friends who can write $5K checkies.  That's why he's running to Utah to do fund-raisers instead of campaigning in the swing states.

And what of those jillionaires supposedly writing zillion dollar checks to the super pacs?  Honey, rich people LOVE their money and don't like to throw it away.  They can read poll numbers as well as we can.  Why, they may be asking themselves, send money to a guy who's losing?

Well, it ain't over until it's over.  Right now Romney looks like a loser.  I've called him a loser for a whole year and had great joy in pointing out his flaws and his total lack of political know-how.  In fact, I've never seen such a bad campaign and such a bad candidate.  But as my old mentor Ted Baer taught me a hundred years ago, a month is a year in politics and anything can happen.

We can lose by not getting out the vote.  We can lose by not continuing to send in the widow's mite and the couch coins.  After all, Romney and the super pacs still have some millions left, and he's busily raising more.

But so far we have done the impossible and beaten Moneyman Romney at his own game!  YES WE DID!  Now let's win this election!



So Romboid, did you cook your tax returns too?  A little legerdemain there with the numbers?  Let us check your arithmetic, buddy!



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