Thursday, January 12, 2017

We're Coming With You, President Obama!

We too are sad at your leaving the White House. But you are not leaving us. And we are not leaving you. You have announced you now want to work on getting state legislatures back into the Democratic column before the next redistricting.

Nothing is more important. We can thereby get a fair shake in the next redistricting of Congressional seats.

We can then also have fair-minded legislatures to repeal the voter suppression laws that gave the election to Donald Trump.  the-massive-election-rigging-scandal-the-media-ignored_partner

We can also have truly democratic (small "d" intentional) that will join the current interstate movement to change how the electoral college votes so that it corresponds with the national popular vote. (Watch for my upcoming blog on this.)

We can also have conscientious state legislatures backstopping the federal environmental protections that Trump has promised to dismantle. And the same regarding consumer protections, health care, job safety, labor unions, wages, college funding.... and on and on.

Trump is set on much destruction. Let us destroy Trump's agenda by taking over the state capitols. Let's get behind Obama in his wise choice of what he will next do.

Tell him we are coming! Contact him now! Before he leaves the White House next week.

Let him leave knowing that we are with him, that he is still our leader, and that we have his back.

The very best way is by snail mail because the effort it requires makes it very impressive.  Next best is phone. E-mails come in such profusion that it's hard for a staff to get through them all. Here's contact info for all three:Write or Call the White House | Best is possibly on-line messaging. The link for that is:

Let's send him on his way with something to be glad about and with our encouragement as he takes on a new job. In his farewell speech he spoke of the hope we have inspired in him. Let us justify that hope.  

Yes, we can. Si se puedes.

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