Friday, January 20, 2017

Standing in Cold Rain to SaveTheir Future

Standing in the Cold Rain to Save Their Future

In a little town in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania high school students stood in the cold winter rain today to counter the inauguration of Trump. Their motto: "Love Trumps Hate". Their message: "Peace and Love to All".

Reminds you of another time? The 60s with its fight against the Vietnam War and its message of "Peace and Love"?

This is better than that. This is not young people also protesting for free love, drugs, and don't-draft-me-to die. The goal here isn't more benefits to them. It's more freedom, dignity and safety for all. It's fear of classmates being deported, of federal lands being given away to businesses, of cuts to public education and the arts.... Fears too numerous to list. 

They also fear the suppression of the press and stifling of free speech. They fear the use of violence in politics. They truly fear the divison in America.

An enlightened school administration approved this demonstration, not from any political beliefs but from a belief in our Constitution and from a sound belief that we learn by doing. This was, the administration said, an opportunity for the students to experience their First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceable assembly.

But we SHALL overcome. This is the saddest time since the death of JFK. Yet, as he said, we also can say: "The torch has passed to a new generation." Here is that generation, standing in the cold rain.

Happily it is broad enough to include you, no matter your age. But it's lovely that "a child shall lead us." For the children have the most to lose.

Take heart! As Michael Moore said to us last night regarding Trump's supporters, "Don't be afraid. There's more of us than there are of them."

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