Friday, January 20, 2017

Now YOU Must Be The Greatest Generation

Whenever German or British vehicles — tanks, staff cars, trucks — broke down during WWII, the German and British soldiers simply abandoned them. When American vehicles broke down, the US soldiers got out and fixed them.

Our federal government now is broken and our democracy could be dying. A totally inadequate and seemingly vicious man will became president today, not elected by a majority but chosen through a broken system, the  now-infamous "electoral college". The Congress is likewise not representative of a majority. The Democrats got the most Congressional votes nationwide by one million in 2012, even after the gerrymandering of 2010, but have been consistently denied control of the House of Representatives. In 2016 the Democrats polled just 1.1% fewer votes nationally for House seats but were allotted 24% fewer seats!

Similarly, the minority party's appointees have ruled the Supreme Court for 59 years. Last year, defying the Constitution, the GOP-conrolled Senate blocked the nation's majority party and its president from filling the current vacancy. Thus the control of the Court by the minority party will continue, the same Court that has upheld voter suppression laws enacted by the minority party after it gerrymandered itself into unbreakable control of the House of Representatives and many state legislatures. Like no other time in our history since the pre-Civil Rights era has a Supreme Court so assiduously worked to deny voting rights.

In short, America's system of selecting its government is broken. Like the "greatest generation" of GIs in WWII we have to fix it. Join the coming effort by President Obama and Eric Holder to fix the structural shortcomings that have undercut our democracy.

Yes, we can. Because we must.

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