Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump Quits the Race!

Actually Donald Trump quit the presidential contest a long time ago. In fact, he never was in it at all.

Take note that he didn't put his money where his mouth is. He didn't self-finance his campaign, and his campaign is grossly underfunded. If a guy doesn't put his money where his mouth is, he's a con.  He didn't want to be president. He wanted to be a celebrity again.

Remember that he's a TV celebrity who lost his spot as man-in-control of the Miss Universe pageant where he could, not so incidentally, go in the dressing rooms and look at the contestants as they changed their clothes. Bad enough to be knocked out of being a peeping tom, but to have also lost the limelight...... Well, it was just too much.

He's missed being Mr. Big. He missed the roar of the grease paint and the smell of the crowd. And he found a way to get back to center stage.

It's one of the greatest cons of all time. Everybody fell for it.  Especially the uneducated, mostly unemployed, fearful and fading white men who just had to believe that something would turn back the roiling history that was shoving them into oblivion.

Like Trump they had lost their center stage. White males—any white males—used to run the show. They were the superior race and the superior sex. Like Trump they were stars in their own worlds and the bosses of the women in their lives . They were powerful and mighty. Now they are the only demographic group in the world that has a rising death rate, chiefly from addiction, alcohol, and suicide. Ten million of them are missing from the American labor force, sidelined by disabilities or addictions.Their jobs are gone, chiefly manual labor. Minority people of color will soon be the majority, and women are increasingly empowered and uppidity.

Trump spoke for the fading men and to them. He never talked about the self-inflicted pathos of their lives—the suicides, the addictions, their lack of education or anything else that may be their own doing. Instead he identified others for them to blame and hate. The list is long: immigrants, Latinos, Muslims, Japanese, Chinese, Democrats, liberated women (that's who the denunciation of "politically correct" is really aimed at), women who don't tolerate his mauling them, Wall Street, Washington,  Republican office-holders, the elite, the educated, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, the media, and anybody who doesn't bow down or roll over when King Donald saunters by.

As King Donald struts through the campaign, his followers take every slight or criticism against him as an attack on themselves. He is them!

That's all Trump ever cared about: bring a hero and celebrity to millions of people. He didn't care a rat's ass about being a president.

And that explains why he has repeatedly ruined his own chances, blotting out any issue he spoke of by shifting into outrageousness.The wisps of coherence were just to keep his voters thinking he was an actual candidate, to give them the cover of not apparently being complete nincompoops.

I think he'll back off of leading an uprising when he loses. Not out of any patriotic sense of responsibility toward the country's welfare, but because he's too lazy to do it and he's probably afraid he might win.

He doesn't want to govern. He just wants his own pipeline to the people and the sound of their roars of approval. The rumble on the street is that he will be starting his own news network.

But ask yourself: what businesses would advertise on his network?  Bedsheet and scissor companies?

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