Sunday, October 16, 2016

Four Pieces of Very Good Campaign News

GOOD NEWS #1: Here in all-important Pennsylvania two men just came door-to-door on my street on behalf of Hillary Clinton. The older of the two proudly announced that he has been a registered Republican for 25 years but "not any more, not now, not with what Trump is doing and saying."

Nothing is as powerful as door-to-door "canvassing", as it's sometimes called, or "the ground game" in recent parlance. As I've explained over and over in this column through the last five years, it beats ads, it beats robocalls, it beats direct mail. It's how I ran winning campaigns on a shoestring for 20 years........ People going door-to-door. Nothing like it! It's also morally correct, non-fattening, and wonderful for democracy and community. But enough of the commercial message.

GOOD NEWS #2:  This is the second time someone has come to my door on behalf of Clinton. A couple of weeks ago, a man and woman came knocking. This is unheard of! Two visits by a campaign! This is great! Makes this old campaigner's heart really sing. Clinton reputedly has a good ground game going. Judging by what's happening in my neightborhood, I'd say she has a great ground game going and that Trump is toast! 

GOOD NEWS #3:  What follows is a column put up about an hour ago by Nate Siver on his well-regarded analytical site "538". It is so good in its thinking, facts, and writing that I'm just going to give you the link and let you enjoy the whole thing. You're going to like this, folks. It's not only good news; it's instructional about politics. Hats off to Nate Silver!
    Election Update: Where The Race Stands With Three Weeks To Go  

GOOD NEWS #4: The above news is all so good this evening that the drinks are on me!  And — remember! — vote early and often!

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