Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump Crashing? Destruction of the GOP? And How About Those Cubs?

I can't keep up with it! The headlines are coming too fast!.........Bing, bang, bong!......


   Hillary Clinton has an 87% chance of winning the presidency 

      Election Update: Polls Show Potential Fallout From Trump Tape  

         ‘Tin-Pot Dictators’ Seen in Threats to Jail Clinton

              G.O.P. Fracture Over Trump Grows Worse

                 Hard-Liners Furious as Ryan Appears to Abandon Nominee

                      Meltdown: Republican Leaders at Odds With Their Voters

On and on and on...

Did you get that item above that Trump has fallen to a 13% chance of winning?  That's down 5% in a couple of days. It's an historic sub-cellar position!

Plus the big piece of news last night from NBC. The network's latest polling shows Clinton leading nationally by double digits. Yes, my friends, double digits!  NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl

Folks, that just doesn't happen in a presidential race in this day and age.

Also Clinton is edging ahead of Trump in Florida and just a tad in Ohio. Losing those two states is more than enough to lock him out of the electoral college. because Clinton is approaching a double digit lead in Pennsylvania. PA, FL, and OH spell the White House. She's also pulling further ahead in Virginia and now even has a small lead in North Carolina. Get this! She's only 1% behind Trump in Arizona. Yes, ARIZONA! 

Meantime, pivotal Senate races are veering into the Democratic column, among them New Hampshire and Pennsylvania where the Republican incumbents were seemingly secure a week or two ago. Added to Illinois and other states the Democrats are about to pick up, these two would give the Democrats a majority in the Senate and thereby clinch the Democrats' chance to fill the swing seat in the Supreme Court for a majority they haven't had for decades.

And the House of Representatives? It was over the moon to dream the Democrats could win back control of the House. But that may be what is threatening Speaker Paul Ryan so clearly that he is willing to dump the party's presidential nominee in a desperate attempt to save House seats. He must know from private polling that the GOP is in real danger of losing its majority because of the curse of Trump being on the ticket. Prior to the Trump tape, the Cook Political Report named 20 seats as up for grabs.  The Cook Political Report - House Race Ratings  Apparently it now it puts 34 GOP House seats within  reach of Democrats. The Democrats need 29 to regain control.  Where Republicans in Tight Races Stand on Trump

Can all this be true? It is a terrible thing for a superstitious Irish/Jewish person to dare to say it might really be happening. It is to dare the fates to say such things out loud. But, hey! We're only young once. Well, actually we're only 80 once. I have so dreamed and prayed for us to keep the presidency AND win back the Senate AND—miracle of miracles—win back the House. AND get the Supreme Court majority after having been in the minority for 40 long, long years!

I really want to see all this happen while I still have my feet in this crazy country and before I go drifting off into some other realm where they probably don't have politics. Is that too much to ask?

And out of the corner of my eye, there's the Cubs. We Cubby fans have waited 108 years. That's a long time in the desert.

Naw. It's too much to also want the Cubs to you-know-what. One can't want everything, right?

Aw, what the hell. Bring it all on! This kid is ready to be really thankful this Thanksgiving! And if it all doesn't happen, you'll know whom to blame. This 80-year-old woman who felt compelled to dream out loud and thus jinxed everything.

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