Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ten Reasons Clinton Is Winning and America is Laughing


Read 'em and laugh! 

Reason One:
On Monday, September 26, Donald Trump was supposedly debating Hillary Clinton. He instead attacked a former Miss Universe and seemed to want Japan to have nuclear weapons, but we couldn't really tell because he was incoherent during the last two-thirds of the debate.

Reason Two:  
As Tuesday, September 27 was being born, Trump twittered in the wee hours, now attacking the same ex-Miss Universe for being "fat".

Reason Three:
In the wee hours of Wednesday, September 28, Trump twittered some more, now also attacking the microphone he had used at the so-called debate.

Reason Four:
On Thursday, September  29, Trump twittered in the wee hours, claiming (falsely) that Hillary Clinton had hired the former Miss Universe to bring him down. And that everything, his mic included, had been"rigged" against him.

 Reason Five:
Trumped moved his twittering to near-dawn and obsessively hit at ex-Miss Univerde yet again on Friday, September 30, stating, "Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?"  5:30 AM - 30 Sep 2016

He thus made history, being the first presidential contender ever to urge watching of a reputed sex tape (which doesn't exist).

Reason Six:
Right on time as a legendary "October surprise", on Saturday, October 1, The New York Times revealed that – in just one year —Trump lost nearly a billion dollars of other people's money invested in his busineses and that as a result he would have had to pay no personal federal income taxes for the next 18 years. Yes, 18 years of no personal income taxes even though he lost other people's money!
Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found OCT. 1, 2016

Reason Seven:   
Also on Saturday, October 1, Trump again attempted to debate Hillary Clinton. No...wait.... That was Alec Baldwin doing Trump on SNL. He was better at being Trump than Trump is! Enjoy!  SNL compares Hillary Clinton’s debate reaction to a premature celebration in pro wrestling match - Duration: 9:02. POLITICAL VISION 157 viewsNew

Reason Eight:
Trump's campaign team showed they are as dumb as he is. Their defense regarding his tax mess is way off.....No, wait.......this letter is actually from Trump to the NY Times, talking about himself in the third person, saying:
     Donald Trump's Letter - The New York Times
     (Note: He doesn't explain how losing a near-billion dollars in one year is the mark of "a successful private businessman".)

Reason Nine:  
I'm getting confused. If Trump is being his campaign or some other third party, then is Alec Baldwin also Trump's campaign or some other third party?  Is this my joke? Or is Alec Baldwin really me?

Reason Ten: 
The polls that really count have come in as of yesterday. Quinnipac and other live-interview pollsters all show Clinton ahead nationally and, much more important, also ahead in the key swing states. Yes, Trump looks to be winning Ohio, but Clinton also now leads in Virginia by 7 points and Colorado by 11 though not shown by Quinnipac. Together those two have enough electoral votes to compensate for Ohio. RealClearPolitics - 2016 Latest Polls. She also can make up for Ohio with a sweep of several other smaller states. Trump, however, would need to win all of the traditional three key states in order to have enough votes in the electoral college. Before the first debate, he had Ohio, led in Florida and was near a tie in Pennsylvania. As of now Clinton holds those two last cards pretty firmly, plus other possible turn-key states. And that trumps the Trump!

RealClearPolitics - 2016 Latest Polls

And here's more polls being reported minutes ago by the site "538":  "...[S]urveys showing Clinton leading Trump by 9 percentage points and 10 points in Pennsylvania, by 6 points and 2 points in North Carolina, and by 3 points in Nevada."  Election Update: North Carolina Is Becoming A Backstop For Clinton. Oho! Get this! Just in:Update the count to Eleven! Based on polls of Oct. 5, analyst Nate Silver now shows OHIO as leaning to Clinton. Trump thus has none of the three states he must have to win.
2016 Election ForecastUpdated 39 minutes ago 

I asked earlier whether the jokester at that point was me or Alex Baldwin. The answer is now obvious. Trump and his campaign are the joke and always have been. This is the trick that has been played on us all since last Halloween. His coverage and rise as a "major" political figure has been a comic-tragedy joke version of "our long national nightmare" of Nixon and Watergate.  Now, hopefully, this new national nightmare may be ending — if Clinton sits back and doesn't rock the boat. Then we should get the treat of seeing Trump lose the election. We will have been delivered from a great peril that actually wasn't funny at all. It stirred racial hatreds and raised the spectres of nuclear war and/or a scorching global climate. But maybe it's now going to be all right.

So I'm going shopping today for some pumpkins for jack o' lanterns!

Boo to you, Donald Trump!

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