Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Three GOP Men Walk Into a Bar.....

Three GOP Men Walk Into a Bar And Watch The Debate.....

What can I say beyond that? This is a tough time for the GOP. It's going to take more than a couple of drinks to suffer through what they are now suffering.

These headlines below pretty much tell the story as of today. Normally things can change quickly in politics, but in spite of that maxim, in my long memory of politics no candidate has ever recovered from what Donald Trump has said and what he has done and what he is.

The polls and GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan have already virtually pronounced Trump a loser.  And— oh!— how Trump hates any "loser"!  He will of course blame Paul Ryan and the GOP "establishment".  Now it only remains to be seen how far Trump's damage runs through the entire GOP.

So here's a look at the current prognosis via headlines. You sure don't have to actually read the articles to get the picture:

The House May Be in Play   from RealClearPolitics;

 Election Update: Women Are Defeating Donald Trump    from Nate Silver's "538" site 10-11-16;

 Is This What It Looks Like When A Party Falls Apart?   also from Silver;

As Party Splits Over Trump, Republican States May Tilt from the New York Times;

Re absentee GOP voting dropping sharply in NC: ;

 The 2016 Race Google Searches for Voter Registration Have Surged in Hispanic Areas      NY Times;

From Al Hunt at Bloomberg News: Clinton's Turnout Machine Could Prove Decisive.

Regarding that last item, remember that Trump thumbed his nose at organizing a ground game (he's lazy and also thinks he can do anything on his own). He said he would rely on the Republican National Committee for door-to-door work on his behalf. Hmmmmm. Where does that leave him now? I'd say I'd check it out, but that's not actually possible. The GOP will say it's doing the job because it has to say that.

We shall have to wait and see! What a year!

Next time:  "What About the Senate?"  (Unless the eight-legged Trump drops yet another shoe!)

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