Monday, April 18, 2016

The 2016 Election Is Over!

Here's how we know the election is over and that Bernie Sanders wins:
The newest Reuters/Ipsos poll, released Thursday, shows Bernie Sanders pulling ahead of Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally, leading 49-48. It’s the first time this poll has had Sanders leading.

Bernie leading Hillary among Democrats is extremely important. First time it's happened. All prognosticators (except me) have said Sanders can't be the nominee because he isn't supported by a majority of Democrats. That's over.

His terrific lead among independents is also important. They are 43% of the electorate. Compare Democrats at 36% and GOP at 23%. in November the Democratic nominee must draw a big independent vote.Bernie has been drawing about 60% of their vote.

With everything now moving Bernie's way — and with a reasonable showing in New York tomorrow — by all rights the superdelegates should do what they did in 2008 and pivot from Hillary to Bernie soon. That's how Obama got the nomination and then won in 2008. That's the way we do it this time. 

By doing this we not only win the White House but have a good shot at regaining the Senate and can even pick up some House seats. That's because Bernie's supporters will be out in droves. By nominating Bernie we also assure our young people that they do matter and that they belong in the Democratic party. If Bernie is denied the nomination we can lose the whole schmeer — the White House, the Supreme Court, the Senate majority — and all those kids who could have gone on being Democrats.

Look at what these young people can do! Look at what my ex-pat daughter-in-law Laura is reporting:
How will Bernie get things done? I present to you 3 million calls in 48 hours. Bernie supporters smashed all phonebanking records this last weekend in response to a request from the campaign team to try for 2 million calls to New York over the weekend.

Now you know Bernie can win in November. Can he govern? Check out Robert Reich on Bernie being effective:

By rights Bernie will be the nominee and inevitably he will win.

Uneducated in how political campaigning actually works, the news media will not tell you that the 2016 campaign is over.

I just did.

P.S. Hillary's vaunted delegate lead has now dropped below 200. Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic ...   See what I mean!