Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders is Zelig! (Time Out for Fun.)

Bernie Sanders is ubiquitous! 

Bernie Sanders is a regular Zelig. You remember "Zelig"? The Woodie Allen movie about the man who was everywhere? Congressman John Lewis slimed Sanders by haughtly saying he hadn't "seen" Sanders in the Civil Rights movement, Sanders supporters have been finding Sanders everywhere. Or what they think is Sanders. These pictures, with and without the red circles, are from  my beloved Yamhill County for Bernie page.Yamhill County for BerniePublic Group · 184 members And this is Bernie's strength: that his supporters are devoted. They believe in him, searching for him in the pages of history, clinging to his "A Future to Believe In".  Because the alternative of "more of the same" from Hillary Clinton offers them no future at all.