Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Living in the Wrong Century

I am 80 years old and Hillary Clinton is 69. In spite of my age, I understand that Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, that the Wall has come down, that the Cold War is over, and that we are not at nuclear loggerheads with Russia any more. Further, I get it that Russia has faded away economically and politically. It's in such bad shape that it has had to hire a tough old spy guy like Putin to run around shirtless, shaking his fist so that the Russian people can think they are still hot stuff. Ooh, big bad Russian man!

Incredibly, Hillary Clinton is taken in by all this. Unbelievably, she believes that Putin and Russia are still big-time.

That explains her otherwise inexplicable comment this week that if Donald Trump became president "it would be Christmas in the Kremlin."

Well, she's right if she's saying that Trump being president would be awful. But what's this about "Christmas in the Kremiln"?  That's a very odd focus for what the Trump election would mean. Apparently her greatest fear is that glasses would clink joyfully in the Kremlin because, as she surmises, "America would be perceived (by the Russians) as weak".

I have to say right now, Russia's reaction to a Trump win would be the least of our concerns. And why? Because no one gives a rat's ass what the Russians think of us. They just don't matter any more.
They are a back-of-the-shelf item. As for what goes on in the Kremlin, nobody cares except their immediate neighbors, and that regional fracasing has blown over.  The Crimea thing and the Ukraine thing were just the last waves after the storm of Soviet dissolution had passed. If you know Russian history, you know that those two places have a long and bumpy relationship with Russia. And with no big deal, we handled those situations in a way that made sense and did not abandon Ukraine to the big bogeyman Russia. Those issues stayed peripheral; they do not constitute the center of our relationship with Russia.

The only one who seems to be fooled by Putin into thinking the Russia of today has major world significance is Hillary Clinton. That might be what crippled her as a Secretary of State. Somethig sure did. By contrast, once she was off the stage as Secretary, her successor John Kerry, working with President Obama, calmly suckered Putin into being responsible for getting rid of Assad's Syrian arsenal of chemical/biological weapons. It was such a smooth move!  Hillary could never have done that because she sees Putin and Russia as evil, mighty and unapproachable, the perpetual—and dangerous— enemies of yore.

With this attitude she would be a terrible president. She is stuck in a time warp!

Once you understand that she has somehow missed out on the last 30 years, a lot of her oddities are understandable. Like her thinking she can lie with impunity because no one will remember and catch her. Hah! Hillary, take note. Everything that ever happened or was ever said is just clicks and keys and phone video away on computers. Hillary, honey, you just can't tell big fibs like you did about being fired on at that Iraq airport when you were actually greeted by a little girl with flowers.

You have missed the tech revolution entirely. You can't really "wipe" a server clean, as you tried to do so as to be sure 30,000 of your erased emails were gone from investigator's eyes. The investigators can revive those emails. (Next time drop the equipment in a river or lake. That should do it.)

Nor can you and your daughter get away with saying Bernie Sanders wants to take away Medicare and the children's health program because he says he wants universal health care. Your accusation is not only a lie but ridiculous on the face of it. It makes no sense. People are better informed now, and most know what the term "universal" means. Lots of people even go to college now, Hillary. Sure, they don't all go to Wellesley as you did, you who were then privileged and a Republican helping with Barry Goldwater's ultra-conservative presidential campaign.

You scare me, Hillary. More than Donald Trump does because he won't be president. The electoral college arithmetic against him is prohibitive.  But if he is the GOP nominee and you are the Democratic nominee, you will be president. A president stuck in the mid-20th century. A hawk who raged at Obama to send ground forces into Libya and Syria, who would get us into every millenniums-old Mideast fracas that might even go another millennium.

By the way, Hillary, in your bizarre concern about there being "Christmas in the Kremlin", you seem to have overlooked that Putin has just helped put an end to the fighting in Syria. One of those millennium-old conflicts is taking a breather because Putin responded to Obama's wanting his "help".  Obama can play Putin like a fiddle. He knows the little man has a big ego and also has to look big to his people, who have lost their position in the world. Let Putin strut around. He spares us from someone who might actully want to remount a warrior Russia.

Move out of the mid-20th century, Hillary. If you can't do that, you must not be president. A president has to be of the here and now. A president has to recognize, as Bernie Sanders does, that our real enemy is climate change. You know nothing about that and never speak of it. You approved that Keystone pipeline when Secretary of State. No one who knew or cared about climate change would have so blithely signed off on such a disastrous proposal.

Get with it, Hillary. You're embarassing us older women. Not all of us are as old and out of it as you are. In fact, you are way too old for me, kiddo. I'm going with that hip young guy, 74-year-old Bernie Sanders.

At least he knows we don't have to do those "duck and cover" Cold War drills any more.


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