Tuesday, August 2, 2016

She Bounced! So Let's Have a Good Laugh While We Can.

It's clear this morning that Hillary got a bigger bounce from her convention than Trump did his. Further, although polls show more people watched his acceptance speech than hers, far more thought he did "a terrible job" than thought so of Hillary.

The highlight of the conventions for me, in fact the finest moments in all conventions I've followed since 1944, was the stunning speech by Khizr Kahn, the bereaved father of a soldier hero of the Iraq war. The difference that dignity and sincerity make was powerfully demonstrated by the Kahn couple. What they have to say is important, but HOW they say it is the real message. They speak of their son's sacrifice of his life in Iraq with such dignity and restraint. They show such trust in the Constitution. Contrasted with the braggadocio and hooting of Trump, they make Trump look like the cheap wash-and-wear polyester suit that he is.

But now for a good laugh. Things may get very ugly hereafter, and the polls may slip back to neck-and-neck but for now let's rejoice in this moment of a regained margin in the high single digits and let's laugh along with, in my opinion, the best president since FDR.

Here's the wonderful comedy video of Obama's White House Correspondents Dinner in April. Enjoy! Especially the scene in the driver's license bureau. And note what a great comedy team he is with either Joe Biden or John Boehner.


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