Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Now Trump Urges Assassination of Clinton

It's only Tuesday. Only one day has intervened since Donald Trump seemingly dropped the wild man stuff and said some arguably cogent economic things yesterday. But now read this from the New York Times today:
    Donald Trump Suggests ‘Second Amendment People’ Could Act Against Hillary Clinton   

So we mustn't be fooled. He hasn't pivoted in the face of his downward plunge in the polls. He's as crazy and dangerous as ever.  Clearly he decided this weekend to sound more like a real candidate, but he is too mentally weak to stick with such a resolution. He can't resist saying the outrageous even though his self-destructive rant against the Kahn couple two weeks ago has possibly cost him the election. Unable to resist the impulse, today he said the ultimate outrageous thing.

Thus, Trump is not only crazy but very dangerous. Let's be real. He is speaking to crowds that contain some people as crazy as he is. We have seen footage of some of them raging with hate, flaunting firearms in public, shouting racial slurs, and threatening to kill. Now he is unleashing them.

No matter how you feel about Hillary Clinton, you must vote against a man like Trump by voting for her. If you throw away your vote on a third party or by staying home, you're failing to counter-balance one of Trump's votes, thus giving him a vote. You're aiding and abetting something I'm sure you reject as strongly as I do.

There is no honor in doing something to make yourself feel better, i.e. being "too highly principled" to vote for Hillary, if a greater harm will result. We can't have a leader who stirs up violence and can't seem to grasp why the use of nuclear weapons should be a no-no.  The truly principled thing is to keep this man locked up in one of his failing hotels.

Ensure that by voting for his opponent. And be sure to vote early and often.

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